Saturday, February 3, 2018

I hope this year dosen't go as fast as last year. February already. WOW

Hi, everyone so nice to talk to you again. We have gotten more snow in the last week. It did rain some over the snow so I am glad it did not freeze. Had to take hubby to hospital again on friday but just for a quick cat scan. He has a herrera, so we have to keep an eye on it.  I am doing good with my shoulder. Saw what the doctor put into my shoulder and have to be careful not to fall. If I do and the screw holding the new shoulder part breaks we will be in big trouble. No way to fix it then, so ice I will not walk on or go out in. Dave's eye is getting better but another month before he can even think of going back to work. He kind of likes not working in the cold. I am trying to get him to think about just working in the summer and taking the winter off. He is thinking about that idea. He likes not being cold all day.

I have been on the computer searching Pinterest for tatting patterns and found lots. I decided to give this one a try. I am going slowly because I want to get it right. 

I also made another butterfly and an angel below. I have them hanging on my Norfolk Pine. What do you think. 

I am stitching too,  but I am making a special surprise for a friend and can't show you what it is until that person gets it. She reads my blog all the time and I can't take the chance of her seeing what it is. I am putting allot of work into this and I know she will love it when it's in her hands. I will show you all after it has been finished and received. Hopefully by the end of February.

Well, I am off to check my laundry. Glad you could stop bye. Hope you all have a great weekend. Hugs from snowy New Brunswick.


  1. More snow Sis you must take it steady in the snow , don't get falling .
    They are saying we may get some on Tuesday .
    Love your tatting , clever Sis.
    Enjoy your weekend .

  2. Good for you two staying put. Who needs to fall?! Great work on the tatting.

  3. Love the tatting. My mother used to tat, she made some beautiful mats/doilies. I treasure them very much. I tried to do it but for some reason couldn't get the hang of it.So glad all is progressing well for you and hope Dave is making good progress with his eye problem as well. That snow looks beautiful, so hot here, a bit of snow would be quite nice:)

  4. Both of you just stay safe with the snow and ice! You are doing well with the tatting..practice makes it easier.