Friday, January 26, 2018

Anyone looking for a chart of Fa La La.

Hello everyone, I have been on different blogs lately and someone was asking if they could get this freebie chart. I found it and thought I would put it up for anyone who wanted it. Hope it helps.

I have been teaching myself to needle tat and have been having a great time. I will show you below what I have done. Once you learn how to do the stitches and picots and chains you can have allot of fun. I like this way better than a shuttle but Gracie dose do wonderful things with her tatting on a  shuttle. I don't know if she knows about needle tatting. I went looking for shuttle patterns because I do have a shuttle somewhere up stairs in my stash of crafting stuff but was unable to find it after a week of searching. I did see on Pinterest where you can do needle tatting and my favorite floss store Because You Count had needles for tatting. They where a good price. 3 needles and a threader for $21.99 + tax total of $25.26.

This is rings with chains around them. It's suppose to be white.

 This one is rings inside each other and it is suppose to be blue.

This one is a butterfly that I learned from a Japanese site and just watched her do it and followed along.

 My camera did not do justice to the colours. And this is how far I have gotten on my Garden Pleasures.

 Here is my two favorite people. Yes, Jasmine thinks she is people too. Gotta get her cuddle from dad.

 Guess what's for supper. Looks good.

 Remember the plant I rescued from Walmart last year, it is growing very  nicely. Amazing what alittle water and some TLC can do for a plant.

Well, I am off to hunt for some more interesting needle tatting patterns and relax later after having been to the hospital to see my shoulder doctor who is glad everything is working properly. I even got him to show me my x-ray of my shoulder and knee from the other day. I have to go see my family doctor about my knee and back x-rays but my knee looked good so I think it will be a conversation about my back.  That's not until Februray 14th. Lovely day to see the doctor.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope whom ever wanted the chart above will be able to get it from my blog if not I can tell you where I got it and you can get it from there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Bye for now.


  1. You have so many talents love your tatting .
    Have a good weekend hugs.

  2. LyndaRuth: I love the photo of dad and baby, your cat is adorable, my cat loves to cuddle.
    The plant you saved is beautiful.
    Maybe some day I will learn to Tat.
    Your meal looks yummy.


  3. Great to see that you started needle tatting, too. It's such a lovely craft.