Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunny Sunday

We have had some snow in the last couple of days and since Saturday morning around 3 a.m. until this morning (Sunday) at 4 a.m. we have had no power. We kept warm with lots of blankets and cooked hamburgers and made tea on the bbq.

I made a stew during the week and will have it with homemade bread for supper.

I saw the doves sitting on the porch yesterday trying to stay warm.

I am knitting a seersucker pattern for a face cloth. It has 8 different rows to follow.  It's doing up great.
 I am stitching up Garden Pleasures and below is how far I am.

 I think everyone is doing these little mittens.

I thought I would also stitch this chart only in orange not black.

I found this chart on Pinterest and just stitched one half of it. Going to make a pin pillow.

Well, I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. My arm is healed nicely. It is not as strong as the right but I have all the time in the world to get it in shape. I am retired so I do not have to worry about work,  I am looking forward to planting more flowers in my front garden and even planting some vegetables this year. I am able to knit, crochet, stitching and have even been teaching myself to needle tat. I have learned the basic stitches and will really give it a try once I get the proper tatting needles to use. Just been experimenting with a normal needle. It looks like lots of fun. I don't have a shuttle but I think needle tatting looks for me the easier of the two types.

Thank you for dropping by to see what I have been doing in my little part of the world. Big hugs to all. Bye for now. xxxx


  1. Hi, Lynda Ruth! Looks like you're keeping busy - so happy your arm is healing well.

  2. So glad you are is doing well. You certainly have been ambitious. Hope Dave is bundling up when he is out there plowing the snow.

  3. Oh Lynda Ruth! I hope you have power by now!! Your stitching is cute.

  4. Glad to hear everything is healing. All of your stitching is lovely, and that stew looks fab!

  5. Hope you are both ok and keeping warm .
    Great to see you back at your stitching and knitting again. Hugs.

  6. It must feel great to be able to stitch and do normal things now as your arm/shoulder improves. Lovely stitcheries you are doing. Snow, oh how I would like a days worth at the moment. Hot++ here, most uncomfortable. Enjoy your stews and homemade bread, I can almost smell it Lynda Ruth.

  7. Such great snow picture, it looks very nice and almost makes me forget that I don't love snow, lol.
    Your stew looks very yummy.
    Great stitching that you have been doing.