Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Sunny Saturday.

Anyone for a hot cup of tea and a few homemade cookies to go with it after coming in from the cold Winter's day.

Well, we have had a bit more snow these last few days of this week. It's cold too but with the sun it looks warmer than it is. -15 in the sun right now. Cold.

I gave my friends the cookies and dish clothes on Tuesday and they love getting gifts. Had a great chat with MaryAnn for an hour before I talked to Dr. Moses. He renewed my prescription for another year. Called the pharmacy right then and reordered. What a great doctor.

I have made two more dish clothes since then and plan to try and make as many as I can between stitching.


  I like the colours these balls of wool make the dishclothes.

I am doing good on my stitching, I sometimes like you guys get bored and want to do something else and what you have been working on goes by the wayside until it is almost forgotten. So I am trying really hard not too. I did not like the birds facing the way they where in the pattern so I changed them to the way I wanted. I think the birds facing each other is better than the middle two facing to the right. I have the words to finish, the flowers to finish and the leaves to do. Then I believe it is done. I don't want it to look too messy with the stars all in the top. Still waiting till it is finished before looking for the fabric for the back.
What do you think Linda Lee,am I doing a good job. I hope I can find just the right fabric to showcase this stitching pattern. Thanks for the comment on my last blog. (We all need to understand mental illness and depression better and try and help those who have it and are afraid to get the help they need.)

See, I think the second bird should be facing the first bird. And I  think the stars detract from the overall pattern. Why are they there. I would think something else would have looked better or nothing at all like I am doing. Did anyone notice that the flowers have letters in them.


Well this is a short blog because I don't have a whole lot more to say or share right now, so I hope everyone has a great day and enjoy the coming week. Until next time, thanks for leaving me comments I love to hear from, even if it's hi I stopped bye to say hello. Big Hugs to All.