Saturday, November 16, 2019

What a difference a day makes.

Clean house new place.

Hi everyone, I am back to show you a couple of photo's of the little boys dressed for Halloween. I just got them a couple of days ago and wanted to show you.
This is David, he just turned 2 on November 5th and little Edwin will be 1 on December 9th.

The boys are really growing fast, my daughter is taking really great care of her boys. It's too bad that I live in another province and only see photo's of them from time to time. I guess  that's life.

Anyway I finished a couple of stitching but can only show one because the other has gone to England and I don't want my friend to see it before Christmas. But I will show you the stitching I did for my daughter Crystal Rose because she is too busy working and hardly ever looks on my blog unless I tell her too.

 I did not do the same colours as the chart. I wanted to have the hearts stand out and the word roses stand out so I did the hearts in a yellow and the roses in a dark pink like the roses. I had fabric left over from the anniversary stitch I did for June and thought it would make a good contrast to the front. I found the lace and also thought it would look good too.

This is before it is finished and sewn up and the next is when it is all done.

 I am now making one for me because I like the way it turned out. Done on 14 adia cloth.

 This photo is my attempt at making hamburger buns and it did not come out the way I planned. As you can see they are extremely big. The next photo show them better but I still have to try again. They are not quite the way I want them to be.

But as you can see the bagels are just the way I like them.

On the 5th of this month I went to the pain clinic at the hospital and had cortisone injections in my lower back beside my spine to help relieve the inflammation of my 4 and 5 vibrates and to help with the rheumatoid arthritis in my lower back. I rested for about three days and did nothing to hard. I did not attempted to do house work I just rested my back and let the shots do their job. I am now free of the pain in my spinal cord and I feel a whole lot better. I get better night sleeps and can do more around the house now. I use voltaren  to ease the arthritis in the right butt check when it flares up from the cold weather we are having. It is so cold out today I think November changed into December and forgot about November. It is windy and very cold outside today. Good thing it isn't snowing or we would be worst off.

I managed to clean off my kitchen counters and make more room to get supper ready and got rid of allot of things that needed to be put away. I even move the fish tank to the other counter. I like the way it looks now.

Dave did not like it at first because I moved the toaster but when I told him it was closer to the plates and knives in the cupboard he liked the idea. Everything has a place now. I just have to keep the clutter off the counters. I will try.

I read somewhere online that you can use the water in the fish tank to water your house plants so I took some of the water from the tank when I changed the fish tank last month and gave it to my Christmas Cactus and this is what happened too the cactus. It has never bloomed like this since it came from the store a couple of years back. I can't believe how many blooms are on this thing. Some of the leaves have two buds coming out on them. What a difference alittle fish water dose.

Even the day lily Loretta gave me is blooming again. She did not want it because it stopped blooming. Oh, well my gain. I love house plants. Always had them and always will have them.

Well, it is time I got going, hope you come by again. I will try to blog this week. I know I have not blogged allot but now that the back is feeling better  I will try to blog more. The doctor said I could try the threadmill again but only a few minutes a day and work up to more. I will also try to walk alittle outside when the weather is not so cold as today. But the forecast says rain in the week so I will see how it goses . Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay warm and dry and enjoy family. Until next time take care. Big hugs from New Brunswick. xxx

Who likes the yellow hearts instead of them being pink or red?