Saturday, August 18, 2018

Rainy Day Saturday.

Well, I am back and this week has not amounted to much of me stitching. I woke up the first of the week and my right arm and shoulder hurt so bad. I don't know if I slept on it wrong or pinched a nerve but doing any stitching was out of the question for the week. By Friday I was able to finish knitting a dishcloth, I make some for a friend who loves them and I always give him 6 or 8 to last the year. He always looks forward to them and some bakes cookies that I put with them. Yes, he gets them for a Christmas present.

This week my friends Jean and Roger where down from Barrie, Ontario. They are visiting relatives here in the Maritimes and came for the big Acaidan parade that was last Wednesday. It was a good day for the parade. We went up last Saturday to spend time with them and had lunch and enjoyed catching up on all the news from Barrie.

 When we went to the Dunes, I spotted these baby osprey in their tall pole home. N.B. Power put up the pole and platform for them to have a nest and have babies. It looks like if worked. Each year the parnets nest here. It is the first time I was able to get a photo of the youngers. I always seem to miss them.

Soon they will be flying away from here and starting their own lives.
It is raining here today after another week in the 30's. A nice break from the heat. It is giving my garden a good drink.

My cucumbers are starting to flower and soon I will have enough cuc's to make my pickles.
The beans will be liking this rain today and will soon put on beans too.
You see this plant, well, yesterday I was sitting in  my chair to the right of this  photo and I wish I would have taken my camera because a little female hummingbird came to this flower, not once but twice and went to every blooms on this plant. She went around it two times each time she came and put her head into every bloom. It was so magical to watch her feeding this way. I have feeders up and I keep this plant watered so the hummy's can come to it. I will get more next year to hang along the porch for them to come to.

Thought I would show you my mother plant that I got from Walmart awhile ago and now she has babies. Pretty good for a plant that was suppose to be dead. Just needed some loving care and a sunny window to sit in.

Here a two of the dishclothes I have knit so far.
 I am making another one with different wool. This one is for me.
Have you ever bought something to use and when you started to use it it broke on you. I got a wooden hoop from Fabricville to do some embroidery and the hoop broke. Make me mad. I thought for a moment and then got in my car and went to Salisbury to the Dollar Store there and found two hoops that are plastic, and less money.

I will be going back to Fabricville to complain again. I got transfer pencils from them also and every time I tried to use them the lead broke. I have already been back once and phoned once. They don't want to see me again. I will not be so happy this time. I won't be nasty just firm. You just can't get good quality products any more. Everything is so cheapy made these days.

Well, I am off to fold the laundry from the dryer and make myself another cup of tea. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks for coming bye and leaving me a comment. Take care and big hugs.xxxx