Sunday, June 23, 2019

Buttercups maybe?

This morning when I looked out my bathroom window I thought I saw buttercups in my back yard, but on closer inspection and with camera in hand, I took photo's and realized that they are not buttercups. Not sure what kind of flower they are. But lots of them all over the yard. I had to get photo's quickly because hubby wanted to cut the grass and then we are going for a drive. It is a nice sunny day after Friday and yesterday's rainfall. We need the rain but could it not do it on the weekends.

 These are the flowers at a closer look. Anyone know what they are. Would love to know.

My white liliac tree has bloomed with a full load of flowers on every branch. First time since we moved down here 18 years ago.

I love to sit on this swing and just rock back and forth and think.

I got a great cross stitch chart in the mail yesterday and can't wait to start it, but first I have to finish a special gift for my friend June. I have it almost done. All the stitching if done just have to add fabric and sew it up. I have been working on it all month. I will show it to you guys after June get it.

I fell in love with this chart and had to have it. Now that I have all my floss sorted into boxes, I can just go to the right box and pick out the floss. I have lots of adia to work on so that will be fun.

Now for the health news, I finally got my doctor conveinced to let me have a Echo Cardio gram and we found out what my under lying problem is.   I have Nonvahular Atrial Fibrillation.  My heart is beating too fast for the blood flow to exit the upper chambers of my heart and is leaving blood in them. It is irregular and trouble for me. I could get a blood cloth that would got to  my brain and cause a stroke. My doctor sent me for a long Cardio gram and then to see her the next day. I am now on three blood pressure meds and Lixiana 60 mg to control this problem.

Atleast we are getting ahead of this and I should hopefully feel much better after a few months on these med's. It should help me allot and I have the inhaler for my breathing which dose help now.

I am just glad that we finally found out what the problem was and it can be fixed without any surgery.  Was not looking forward to that at my age.

Well, I am off to get the floss and adia for my new Stitching project. Hope you all have a great Sunday. I wish you all good health and I will see you all here later on. Big hugs from New Brunswick.