Saturday, February 16, 2019

Turkey, Tulips and Kids.

I know it's not a holiday but I could eat turkey all the time and we have two in the freezers so I decided one would be eaten tomorrow so this one is sitting on the table defrosting. I will so enjoy it tomorrow after it has cooked in my favorite roaster.

We had alot of snow and rain last night. Now we still have that ice from a week ago and it will just have to melt on it's own, every time my hubby puts down sand or salt it either snows on top or rains like it did last night. I told him to just leave it alone for a few days. We went out yesterday and we don't need to go our until this Friday to get my pacemaker checked at the hospital. So we will stay in and enjoy each others company.

The tulips are coming up great but the daffodils are really slow even thru they all had growth on them when I planted them. I just have to wait.

I have gotten some head way on the boys stitching this week. The eyes where really good and did not cloud up on me so I managed to get some stitching done. I like how it is coming alone.

And now some more photo's of my daughters Carla, Crystal, their friend Kim and the boys Edwin and David.  And of course Crystal's Cat.

And I would like to thank Ira from Siberia for coming back to my blog and leaving a translation of what her first comment was. I do not understand or speak Russian and it was nice of her to come to my blog and leave a comment and then come back and leave me a translation. I so appreciate all your comments and the time it takes for you to put them on. Thanks again.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Hugs