Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hoping for good news.

I just love Christmas ornaments of all kinds especially the older ones from times gone by. But I don't have any to put on my tree so I do with what I have got. I like this puzzle with it's old fashion bell and pine cones. I use to make pine cone wreaths at one time when I was younger. I would collect the cones and heat them in the oven to open and paint some and then attact to a wreath with other goodies and bows. Allot of my friends back home in Ontario have some of my wreaths. You know how it is, you make lots for others and forget to make for yourself. I might make one for me in the new year and hang it next year on my front door.

Today is Baby David's new baby sister or brother's  birthday today. Right now, I am waiting to hear what it is and if everything with the baby and mother are okay. Carla was due to have a section on the 12th, but complications moved up the date to today. So fingers crossed everything has gone okay.

I have been waiting patiently and decided to take my mind off of the birth and made cookies. They turned out great. I took one recipe and made four different kinds with some chocolate and nuts and sprinkles inside. They sure taste good.

I found some neat containers at the dollar store to put some into. Really good idea's at that store. You never know what you will find each time you go into it.

I got a long bubbler for my fish tank.  The fish really do enjoy playing in the bubbles especially the little blue neons. They try to eat the bubbles. Funny fish. I do love to watch them swimming in their tank and they in turn watch me when I am near their tank.

And here is a  photo of my Christmas tree. I decided to put one up this year and I was able to do so. Could not put one up last year because of my surgery to my shoulder and Dave's eye surgery. I think it looks great. We don't like a big tree and really don't have allot of room to put one up without rearranging the whole house. I have allot of my cross stitch ornaments on this tree. I like them better than allot of balls and stuff.

Well, I am off to vaccum the livingroom rug and will let you all know when I know the good news. Till then take care and thanks for dropping by my blog. Big hugs till next time.


I just found out that my daughter had a baby boy at about 1 p.m. Ontario time. He weighted 6lbs 11ozs and is in intensive care unit. He has liquid in his lungs and needs extra help breathing. Carla is doing fine. She had a C-section and tubes removed. No more babies for her. I think she is happy with two little boys. I will show a photo once I receive one from her.  Can't wait to see what he looks like. His name is Edwin Adrain Bolgun.

Talk to you all later. hugs


 Isn't he cute and breathing on his own now. Auntie Crystal is holding him. He will have to stay in hospital for a couple of extra days. Crystal will take care of David for Carla for a few days. Sisterly love. hugs everyone.