Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter



 Hello everyone. I just wanted to send everyone a Easter wish and some tulips for a wonderful day and I hope you all have a great Easter dinner with all your family and friends. 

I am sending love and hugs to you all from me and Dave. 

Good health and good friendships.

Big Hugs   Lynda Ruth


  1. Hello Lynda Ruth and Dave. I hope you two had a wonderful Easter with all the fixings. You two take good care of each other and stay healthy this month.

  2. Hi Both , hope you are well and enjoyed your Easter , beautiful Tulips .

    We planted more tulips this year ,they gave us some lovely colour .
    I think we have only had 4 full days of sun this year , so much rain and a bad storm so far .
    Can't wait for Spring and Summer , take care hugs June.

  3. Lynda Ruth: So sorry for the late post, I hope you have a beautiful Easter Holiday.