Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tatting is fun.

Hello everyone. I am making myself a tatting journal. I have only started tatting so there is only some pages in it. You need to add tatting pieces and other stuff. I just started to teach myself to tat and have found lots of great tatting videos and instructions on Pinterest. You can find almost anything you want  there.

As you can see from the pages below, they give you the pattern and the model to look at to see if you are doing it right or not.
 I even found this very worth while piece of information which you need to know if you are tatting.

See the page above look how great the information is. And below is my first big stitching. It is the start of a mug rug as they call it. There are two more rows around this one.

 I am still cross stitching and this is as far as I have gotten on my Garden Pleasures one. Still working on my surprise stitching which I can't show you yet.

 And of course we have lots of snow and it is snowing today and tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Until next time. Be safe. Hugs from New Brunswick.


  1. Hi Sis your tatting is amazing , love your cross stitch too , keep warm.

  2. Lynda Ruth: I love the tatting you are doing, I am not one who could learn to tat, I am in awa of people who tat.
    Garden Pleasures is a sweet design, I have been away from stitching at times when I am beading and miss
    We have very little snow here in Minnesota, I am not sure where you are on the map from me, but it looks like you have a boat load of snow.