Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sunny Saturday (I added photo's of me making the bagels, You got to see them, Yummy)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I have plans to make bagels later using my bread machine. I have started to walk on my thread mill again after the surgery on my left shoulder which is doing fantastic. I have lots of movement and feeling in it which was a concern. But it is healed and the scare dose not look so bad. I now have a scare on both shoulders. Oh, well I don't plan on entering any bathing beauty contest any time soon. ha ha .

Well, we finally have a nice sunny weekend and it is beauty with all the ice covered snow shinning in the sun. Have no plans to walk on it or go near it. Don't need a fall.

I finally finished my "Garden Pleasures" piece I have been working on. I also did a mug rug in tatting to show you. This is where I had gotten before this week, then I sat a couple of nights to just do this one and I finally got her all done. I was looking in my stash and found that I have two of these patterns and if any on would like one I will send it to you so let me know if you want the pattern.

 I haven't found the right fabric to finish in a pillow so when I do I will show you. Not sure if I want to go with red or green or purple or yellow for backing.

Remember my tatting well, I added to it and finished the mug rug. What do you think.
 I thought I would do it in two colours to show the pattern better. Next one will be all the same colour and maybe some beads too.

 I was gifted with a parcel from my blog sis June in England on Valentine's Day. It was a belated birthday parcel. I love everything that was in it.

I love the card with the kitty that almost looks like Jasmine, same colouring just not allot of white on her nose. Look I even had a tea cup with hearts on it. Wow, I never noticed before. Da.

I got ribbon and I thought it was a lipstick of red, but it was a surprise. Look what it is.

What a clever idea to have a little needle cushion in a lipstick container, and June even put some needles in it. thanks June I love it and Dave got a kick out of it because I told him it was lipstick and when he openned it he was surprised. Love the look on his face because he knows I don't wear lipstick or makeup. Not my thing. Never did wear any.

And look how pretty this package is and guess what was inside.

Look at all the wonderful goodies and even a 3D Butterfly Fairy. Which is sitting by my computer speaker so I can look at it and think of my dear friend in England. What a treasure she is as we all know and love her. Thanks again dear Sis. Best sister I ever to have.

I got a cross stitch kit that should say " After 60 it's just  patch, patch, patch."  Because that seems to be all that I have been doing since I turned 60. Time to quit that. I also got kitty cat stickers which I love, a little note book on how to germinate seeds which is very interesting. The lipstick and ribbon, an address book with a mare and foal on it and a very  funny cross stitch booklet on Please Be Seated with all kinds of animals sitting on different pieces of furniture. It so sweet.

And this is the Butterfly fairy, isn't she pretty. I just love her.

I also recieved a very nice envelope from Gracie in Arizona where she is recovering from having some procedures done on her legs and I hope that she recovers quickly and her legs don't give her any more problems so she can enjoy her life, so she can sit in the sun and watch her flowers and plants grow and her hummingbirds buzz around her. I am sending you big hugs Gracie. Thinking of you all the time. Now this is what Gracie sent me and I am so grateful, thank you so much for these booklets.

I have found lots of information on tatting on Pinterest but not allot for needle tatting just shuttle tatting and I don't have a shuttle so I got the needles and find it easier to do, but to find booklets that show you how to do different steps isn't so easy. Now I have two good booklets and can tat to my hearts contain. Thanks again Gracie. Love you.

Now I am off to make bagels and relax on this sunny weekend in February. I hope everyone enjoyed their visit here to my blog and I wish all of you a very happy and relaxing weekend.
Bye for now from sunny New Brunswick.   Big Hugs to All.

I had to add on this. I made bagels and this is what I used and what they looked like before the oven and after they came out of the oven and are they ever delicious. I had my usual Saturday night bbq'd hamburger on one with lettuce and tomato on it. Yummy.

 Used my bread maker to make dough.

Letting the bagel rest for 10 minutes before dropping them in the boiling water for a minute.

Used these to make the bagels, roll the dough out and cut with this circle and used the donut cutter to make the holes.

Now one at a time into the boiling water, that helps to make them great.
 Used this to fish them out and put on cornmeal cookie sheet.
 This is the bagels going  into a 375 degree oven already hot.

 And Ta Da, the bagels done 20 minutes later. Don't they look good enough to eat. Oh, yes they do.

 The cheese melted and this is what happened to the bottoms, I love cheese bagels with lots of cheese.

 Have a great weekend. Hugs


  1. You are most welcome my friends for the books. If I can direct you with any of your questions...just ask. And yes, I feel the wonderful hug.

  2. So happy you like your gifts .
    Love your tatting you are doing so well with your new hobby.
    Stitching looks just great .
    And those bangles look so yummy and I can smell them from here.
    Enjoy your Sunday .

  3. I love the lipstick pin cushion! How delightful! and I wear lipstick. :-) Your bagels look great, too. I've never made bagels. Maybe someday I will try.

  4. Lynda Ruth: Oh my goodness those bagels look yummy.
    That lipstick pin cushion is so sweet, what a great idea.
    You truly are Blessed to get such lovely gifts.
    I love your mug rug it is beautiful, I would be afraid to put my tea or coffee mug on it.