Saturday, February 24, 2018

Not much going on today.

I am trying to follow a pattern and have the first row done, will do the second row in blue. Just trying to teach myself to needle tatting. I have watched videos on shuttle tatting and find it hard to keep up with so I will stick to needles. They work better for me. I am in the process of looking for ice drop tatting to put my polished stones in and have gotten one pattern from Gracie. Thanks. I am looking for a long pattern for long stones to do.

I have been walking on my thread mill each morning and find my back is feeling a whole lot better. I have been taking pills  at night for the nerves in my legs and the pain seems to be allot less than before. I still get some stinging but not as painful as before I started to take these pill at bedtime. They make you sleepy. That helps me sleep all night.

We had alittle snow this morning but it did not last long. I will be glad to see spring. I love to look at all of June's lovely flowers in her garden and can't wait to add to my flower garden at the front of the house and I will be putting in a small vegetable garden this year now that my shoulder if fixed and feeling so much better.  My hubby's eye is still reparing it's self and he is so hoping to get better soon. It is taking longer than he was told but he goes to see his eye doctor on Monday so maybe he will get some good news and find out when he can go back to work and drive again. He is so wanting to drive. Well, this is a short post because I really don't have much to show or say right now. Hugs to all  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Love your tatting , looks beautiful love the colour.
    We have cold weather on it's way , my see off my flowers if it's to bad .
    Take care both of you and have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Your tatting project just looks wonderful.
    I also love to have a walk through June's garden and see all her flowers, particularly at the moment because we still have snow all over the place.

  3. Hi Lynda Ruth: So sorry it is taking so long for your husband to heal.
    Your tatting is beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing the blue added, If I were going to learn to tat I would also use needles and not a tatting shuttle, I just can not catch on.
    I love seeing Junes flowers they are stunning and remind me of spring and summer.