Sunday, March 4, 2018

Where is Spring.

I hate these cold,damp windy days and I am sick of winter and it's snow. Can we have spring now.
We have had snow storm, and rain and wind in the last week or so and now this is what we have left, but I wish it would warm up and all melt and go away.

Today it is windy and it has been for a couple of days now. The birds don't even want to come out of the bush because it is too cold and windy for them. Atleast they have some trees to hunker down in.

Who feels like doing anything when the days look like this. Damp and dreary all the time.

I have been good and been walking my thread mill each morning since seeing the doctor about my back. I have managed to do 10 minutes for awhile on setting # 1 and have this week began to do 10 minutes on setting # 2. Which I am doing without the aid of my back brace. I figure if I am to strengthen my back muscles I won't do it with the back brace on. So far with the aid of some A535 rubbed on my right knee and the right side of my butt I can do very well. It helps with the cramping of my right calf. I cover the visual readings so I don't get discouraged by how long it takes to get to 10 minutes. But I do have the heart monitor button on the left side so I do put my thumb on it during the walk so I can see what my pulse is. When I feel it is time to look at the readings I remove the cloth and look. I am doing good. Time will tell.

I have been stitching and tatting and am going to show you what I have been tatting. I finished the red and blue doily. I also found a pattern for snowflakes and some other patterns.
Here is what I have been up too. Catherine this is what the doily looks like with the blue added. It needs to be pressed.

I did these just for fun, no pattern just practising.

 These I did just for fun too.

 I found a pattern for easy snowflakes and made a few. They too need pressing or starching or something.

This one was a attempted at doing a circle with the first picot being large enough for the other 6 rings to join too. It's 6 ds join the first picot, then 6 ds and close. Then 6 ds and close for the chain. It is easy and fun.

See I have a heart shaped  box to put them all in.

Well, it Sunday and I am off to do laundry which is on it's first load and then the bed sheets are next. I am having a roast for dinner and watching the Nascar race from Las Vegas.
I have almost gotten my secret stitching done and will soon be putting it all together and sending it off.  I know that the person getting this will really like it. I am just sorry that it is taking so long. It will be finished soon.
I do hope every one has a lovely, restful Sunday. If any one wants the Garden Pleasures chart let me know and I will send it to you.
Well, I am off to get the roast ready for the oven. Take care and I will see you later. Big Hugs to All.Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I appreciate it allot.


  1. Your tatted projects look wonderful.

  2. Beautiful tatting, very delicate. I'm sick of the snow now too. I hate when it starts to melt and look dirty. Roll on Spring x

  3. LyndaRuth: Thank-you for showing the blue it is stunning with the red, I love it.
    The other tatted designs are lovely.
    I hate snow we had 9 inch's this past week and 5 inch's the week before, finally it is starting to melt, Minneapolis did not get as much as we did, we also had rain and ice storm before the snow storm, I am sick of winter.


  4. Never heard of Tatting but they loom lovely. Have a good week ahead xxx

  5. ** Look** my typing today is hilarious xxx