Thursday, May 18, 2017

What a sunny Thursday.

This is just a short post to say hello and tell you that after 3 years I am finally getting to see a doctor about my breathing problem. I walk up stairs or lay down in bed without pillows and I find it hard to breath. Like having an elephant on my chest. The lady called this morning and I will be getting a paper in the mail to tell me when and where to go in June. Now I will have to appointments in June, one to see the bone doctor and one to see the breathing doctor. Oh, what fun I am having these days. Good thing I retired.
And the sun is out today and it is warm. WOW
I have some pictures of my garden coming back, and my lily of the valley have multiplied from one plant to 20 plants and growing. And when I came back from looking at my gardens I got a very disturbed hummingbird in my face looking for food. They do let me know when they are back, so I quickly got them some food and hung up two feeders. The little girl was back and sat for 5 minutes drinking away. I think she was hunger.

 My garden is coming in slowly. We had more rain last night. The back lawn is a swimming pool.
 One of my roses is coming in good.
  Daffodils  are coming up too.
 Look how nice these guys are spreading.
 My yellow bush bloomed weird this year. Last year it was covered in yellow flowers this year the flowers are hit and miss.
Hope everyone has a nice day. Hugs from New Brunswick. xxx


  1. Aww pretty sunny day
    So beautiful my friend
    Sending you love x

  2. Love your pictures. I do hope that you will get help from both the doctors.

  3. Love your pictures. I do hope that you will get help from both the doctors.

  4. Lovely spring days at last.Would love to see Humming birds, we don't have them here down under, such a shame.Hope you get your respiratory problems sorted fast. Hugs Shirley

  5. Lovely to see your garden is starting to spring to life , the lilly of the Vally are looking great , I love to smell them .
    Oh my dear friend I hope all your problems with your health and well being are sorted out soon.
    Why have they left it so long ! I do pray they sort it out for you soon, sending hugs and xxxs.