Sunday, June 18, 2017

I am still here.

These are two of my favorite things, horses and the beach and with health issues and rainy weather, I have not been to the beach and everyone knows I sold my horse to someone who has lots of horses so Jasmine would not be lonely when I was at work. I do so love this puzzles. These horses are running wild and free in their homeland near Spain.

Hubby had to buy a new lawn mower because the other one could not be fixed but he did get some money for it from someone who needed parts. So all is good.

How do you like my hanging basket. The little bees and hummingbirds do so enjoy it.
 My four clematis bushes have come back and are climbing the trellises that I put up for them. I even have one flower trying to bloom, just as long as it doesn't rain.

 See my pretty flower.

This is for you Shirley, you wanted to see the flower when it opened and here it is. Beautiful don't you think.

And my two roses have come back as well. They are staring to get buds.  If you look close you can see the buds.

This is my climbing red one.

Now for the bad news. As you know I have a bad shoulder and am waiting to get it replaced. Well, that almost happened last Wednesday. I got called on Monday to come to the hospital for Wednesday to have surgery. It would be a 2 to 3 day stay. All seemed to be going well until I had a ECG on my heart and my little heart murmur has gotten alittle worse than a year ago. But the heart doc said I think we should be okay if we monitor your heart thru the surgery and everything should go according to plans. Well, we all know what happens to well laid plans of men and mice don't we. I was taking into the operating room and prepared for surgery. Went to sleep as planned but my heart decide to thru a wreck into the mix. I started to beat only at 25 beats per minute and that's not good, so out of the operation room and into recovery to be woken up. What a big surprise for me. It seems that I will need a pace maker to get my heart to beat properly, and I ended up with water on my lungs which the nurses got rid of. Now I am at home and waiting to find out just what will be done. I had the nurse call Dave and he finally got to see me when they finally sent me to day surgery to await my suitcase and purse which was sent to the fourth floor to my room which I now will not need on this day because I am going home without the surgery. Oh, what a day. Go in at 7.45 a.m and get out at 4.30 p.m. with a heart monitor to wear for 48 hours, which was returned on Friday.  
Could it get any better. 
I do want to say to Gracie, I know how you are feeling because I went thru this with Davès Mom when she was dying in hospital and she did not want to let go either. You are in my prayers all the time. I know some of you will say why is she complain when Gracie is losing her husband, I just want to say that if I dont get it out it will eat at me. So thank you for listening to me and I hope all of you stay well and healthy. I send you all big hugs from New Brunswick. 


  1. Hi Lynda Ruth, what rotten luck for you. At least this will get the team onto your situation and the treatment you need will get done. I love the look of your Clematis plants. Please show us a photo of the flower when it is fully out if you can. Frustrating for your DH re the mower, I'm sure that he would have liked to spend the money on something much more pleasant but I guess these curved balls are sent to us. Best wishes and keen to hear how you are getting on.

  2. Oh dear Lynda Ruth. I am so sorry you went through such an ordeal and have more to come. I am praying for you. Take good care of yourself dear.♥

  3. Lynda Ruth: My dear I am so sad to hear this, at least it is fixable, I want to Bless good health on you, I will pray you get your surgery soon and have a easy recovery.


  4. Oohh the clematis is stunning. Thank you:)

  5. Lovely flowers. I understand you need to tell us of your health problems. Now we can keep you in our prayers, Gracie too.