Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all who are celebrating with mothers and are mothers. I hope you all have a grand day. I have been trying to rest up my left shoulder for the up coming operation, hopefully sooner than later. Hubby took me over to the hospital this morning at 8:30 a.m. to get a Cat Scan on my shoulder so the new doctor can see what damage has been done to my shoulder and form a plan of how to fix it. If we could only get some warmer weather and not all this rain we have been having and looks like next week is going to be some of the same wet and cold weather which dose nothing to relieve the constant pain in my shoulder along with the now constant grinding sounds. I can just imagine what the inside of my shoulder joint looks like. Just want it fixed so the healing can start.

Anyway, I have been treated to two lovely bouquets of flowers this year. First my son sent a dozen coloured carnations which are my favorite flowers. These arrived on Friday afternoon. Then a lovely bouquet of flowers arrived on Saturday morning, these where from my daughter Crystal and her husband Brett. Pictures to follow. After Dave took me to the hospital which was a very short time. Like about a half hour tops, we stopped for milk then Dave put gas in my car and we went thru the car wash. He said since I got lots of flowers he would treat me to a car wash and gas for my car. How sweet is that. Now for the pictures.

 I see I got Hubby in the background working on his computer.

 See the lilies, tulips and moms in the picture above, and a single red rose. The vase is ruby red too. My daughter's name is Crystal Rose, do you get the meaning of a single rose. She wanted to make sure I knew who the flowers where from and that she loves me.

 Jasmine wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers.

I have done a little stitching. Never try to do a complex stitching while watching TV. The stitch on the left was frog 6 times because I kept making a mistake with the counting.I finally got it done after a week of trying. The Merci from Dany was done in one evening. I love the colours. 
I try to do a little when my shoulder dose not hurt so much. I have finished another scarf but that's a gift and I know the lady it's for reads my blog so can't show it now. Maybe later down the road. Any way I am off to relax and will have a nice roast of beef and an apple pie for desert. I did not make the pie, baking is hard to do also with a bum shoulder. I made pregio's the other day and that proved hard but they did turn out great.I cooked up some potato, carrot and turnip in a small pot and mashed them all when they where done and made pregio's.  I have lots of pastry left for another time. Hubby dose not like them so he had spagetti which I don't eat allot of myself. I how have decided that if he wants something and I don't want the same, I make what I want and my stomach likes it that way. Some things do come back to bite me so I avoid them.

Oh, by the way look what was out in our back yard. The deer and a pheasant. I took this from inside the house so I would not scare her away. She stayed and ate the new grass for about a half hour.
I do hope more come back. It's been a couple of years since they where around here. Well. thanks for coming over to my blog. Hope you come back again. I have an appointment with Doc MacDonald on June 7th and will let everyone know when I get my operation. Have a Wonderful Day. Bye for now. Hugs from New Brunswick, Canada


  1. Oh such beautiful flowers from your kids Lynda. Your stitching is so sweet. I hope you get your surgery real quick. Your backyard visitors are beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!

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  3. Sorry that your shoulder is such an issue. It will be good to get it fixed. Beautiful flowers. Love seeing wildlife!

  4. Happy Mothers Day that has been and gone Lynda. Beautiful flowers you received, lovely fresh and bright.Painful shoulder is not good to deal with. I do hope it will be fixed sooner rather than later.Dear little stitchery you have done. Love the wild life.

  5. Happy Mothers day Sis.
    Beautiful flowers from your family.
    Nice stitching , lovely Dany charts .
    Sorry your shoulder is so painful, you will be ok once you have surgery, I bet you will be happy when it's over hugs.

  6. Happy Mother's Day my dear
    Pretty flowers and I love your stitching so much
    Sending you love x

  7. Lovely flowers, hope you are well soon!AriadnefromGreece!