Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tea Cup and Saucer Exchange

Again Stephanie put on a great tea cup and saucer exchange and I had a great time joining all the fun of selecting a special tea cup and saucer and sending to my partner. This year I sent to a lovely lady in Netherlands.  Her name is Carolien and I do hope she enjoyed her goodies. This is what I sent her.

 I found a lovely for-get-me-not tea cup and saucer to send to Carolien and packed everything in this box with the rose on it.I added butter cookies, a small bag of candy, some herbal teas and two tea towels with spring flowers on them. I do hope she liked everything.

 I know the bag dosen't fit the tea cup, I just wanted to show what I made.

And I had a lovely partner in Prince Edward Island  Linda  who sent me these lovely goodies. 

 I love the tea cup with it's poppy in the middle of the saucer. The tea is a black tea with Melissa and Mint and tastes refreshing.And the jam is Raspberry with Champagne, I haven't tried it yet. I am saving for a good loaf of homemade bread to sample it with.

I had great fun doing this and I hope everyone else did too. Thanks again Stephanie for organizing another great tea cup exchange. Looking forward to next year's. Big hugs from New Brunswick.
Thanks for dropping by folks. xxx


  1. A great exchange! I stopped collecting cups and mugs because of lack of space so I don't take part in those exchanges any more!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. wow so cute..i love this exchange so much and it is so your gifts so much.
    sending you love and hugs x

  3. What a great exchange Sis so many lovely gifts .
    Hope you are enjoying your free time hugs.

  4. So many lovely gifts, a great exchange!
    Enjoy your drink in your new cup :)

  5. It was a great exchange and my first! :-)

  6. A beautiful exchange. Have never participated in an exchange like this, it would've been a lot of fun for you.