Sunday, February 7, 2016

More Snow and Sunshine.

We got about about 15 inches of snow on Friday and hubby is cleaning it up today(Saturday).Love this tractor so much. It is a life saver. No more hard pushing for Dave.

 Here is Dave cleaning by the garage. Just alittle snow.
 The road way from my bedroom window, the plow was down this morning.
 This is the end of the driveway and roadway. My little trees are covered again.
This is from my side bedroom window to the neighbor's and it is such a pretty picture. Today which is Sunday the sun is shining and the snow is melting off the roof. With a metal roof you get avalanches of snow off the roof and it sounds weird but it looks pretty. It mostly comes off the front and back of the house and sometimes off the side and then we have to shovel the steps.

I leave you with a bonquet of peonies, which are one of my favorite flowers. Hope you all have a great Sunday. Thanks for coming bye. hugs Lynda Ruth xxx


  1. Oh my goodness, Lynda Ruth! You really go hammered, didn't you? So glad DH has the tractor. 15 inches is a LOT to shovel - HA!

  2. Oh so lovely snow scaped photos!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Lynda Ruth: W are predicted to get snow today, it looks very gray to the west, we will have rain first which as you know is not good.
    We have not had much snow in the middle of the state of Minnesota.
    Stay safe and warm ,love that snow pusher.


  4. My goodness, that may look pretty but no thanks. Glad you have a tractor.

  5. Snow can be so much work. Sure is pretty though.

  6. Heck of a lot of snow again Lynda Ruth. Your photos are great, then the beauty of the stunning colour of the paeonies, beautiful.

  7. You have snow and we have storms and rain I think snow looks much better love the flowers.

  8. Aww pretty snow..and soooo much :)