Sunday, January 31, 2016

More Snow

Happy January 31th, 2016. It's my son's birthday today and he is 36 years old. He lives in Barrie, Ontario so I won't be seeing him or able to make him a cake for his birthday but I do hope he has a nice day.

Well, we got some snow on Friday and over night Saturday but it is not like we got last year. We only got a couple of inches which is great. Hubby got out his tractor yesterday and cleaned up the driveway. We where working in town doing our traffic control but it was for tree cutters who where cutting down two big trees so we could work on the pole that was in between them. We spent all day guarding the road and stopping traffic when they took the tops off the trees and they had to fall on the road way. Both trees where rotten inside and it was just a question of when they would fall down and cause problems. It was a long day and it got lousy when about noon time it started to snow, first it was wet and just alittle bit and then it started to really snow and stick to everything. My signs and my safety glasses got so much snow on them I was having a hard time seeing thru the glasses and keeping my sign cleaned off. Finally around  4 p.m. the tree cutters all it a day. They got most of the smaller branches cleaned up and piles the bigger ones, so they could come back on Monday to finish the job. They had a wood chipper behind their truck so they could make saw dust of the branches. Glad there wasn't allot of snow and it did melt some on Saturday so the larger logs would not get buried in snow. It was a long and cold wet day. We where glad to get home and I made clam chowder for supper with tea biscuits to go with.

 This tractor sure has paid for itself with all the snow that came last year and what will come this winter. At 70 years old I do not want my hubby pushing a snow blower down our long driveway any more.

This is the back field of our house.

This is the nieghbour's place. See we don't have allot of snow, which is just the way I like it. 
Look at all my doves sitting on the hydro wire. They where waiting to have something to eat and after I took this photo they flew down for seeds.

This is what we had last year and I am thinking that some of the states got snow like this just last week, I do hope all of you are okay. Winter can be a bitch when she wants to be.

 Thought I would show you how well my plants are doing.
 Here are the tulips that I am growing in rocks and water, they seem to be doing just fine.
  I managed to declutter my kitchen counter some what and just have what I need on it.

 Ms. Buttons and Ms. Jasmine wanted to wish you all a happy Sunday.

This the book that I am reading right now. The Finest Hours, I want to see how close they did the movie to the book. It is very interesting. The hell those poor guys on the ships went thru is unreal. I would never want to work on an oil tanker and work in the seas off Cape Cod. Scary.

And this is an Easter stitch I am working on at the moment besides all the others that I showed you last time.
Now I think I will go and do some laundry and put some spare ribs in to cook for supper. Hope you all have a great Sunday and thanks to all of  my followers who come to see what I have been up too. Big Hugs to all and please stay safe and warm.


  1. Lovely snow , so pretty .
    It is good that you brought the snow mover.
    Lovely plants they are growing really well.
    Also love the sweet blue bird in the window.
    Keep warm sweet friend.

  2. Happy birthday to your son.
    Love the snow so much. And the blue bird is so cute..we have a blue bird living in our house in the big old African tree :)
    Hugs x

  3. Glad you did not get too much snow. You certainly need a tractor/plow out there. Love the tulips! thanks for you message to Alan, he enjoyed getting responses to his post on my blog.

  4. ooOoo! Spare ribs yum! That tractor is very, very useful.

  5. Gosh you say you aren't having as much snow as previously but it looks a lot to me.It must be terribly difficult working in it. It is so hot here where I live, it has been relentless and uncomfortable for days now.Today is a very humid day . The movie "Finest hours" is due to start here in the next couple of days. Thought I might like to go and see it. Went to see "The Revenant" the other day. Quite a powerful well acted movie.Keep warm Lynda Ruth and enjoy your lovely stitching. Hugs Shirley

  6. Oh so much snow!Great photos again!Maybe you are sick and tired of so much snow but I love seeing it!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Thank goodness for the snow tractor! :)

  8. Hi Lynda....oh wow all that snow ...tractor a must....thought I would say, we are looking at land near woodstock...we want to retire to NB, close to the border and build a new home....... where are you located