Thursday, October 1, 2015

October is here!

Where has all the year gone, can't believe it's October 1st today, tomorrow is my oldest daughter Crystal Rose's birthday. I can still remember when she was born, back in 1974. Now she is married and living with hubby, Brett in Barrie, Ontario. Time flies.

 A couple more months and it's Christmas all over again.
 I sent for charts from Madame Chantilly of her Christmas Elves to stitch and it was like less than a week to come from Italy. Sent to me on the 24th of Sept. and I got it today. I have a lovely piece of yellow 14 count adia that June (Sis) sent me and I will stitch them on it. There was also a bonus chart of a wee owl with a heart balloon saying I Love You.

Ingrid at Mii Stitch did a Halloween exchange and June in England got me and this is what she sent. Love everything. Thanks Sis. I know you are on vacation and I do hope that the weather is sunny and bright and you and Ron are having a wonderful time.

 This is the front and back of the envelope she made me and there was some fabric and floss on a dog inside the envelope.

 Also a lovely card with all kinds of animals on it.
 And a wrapped small parcel with a bag of goodies and alittle fox. How sweet is he.

Love all the buttons especially the stone that says Best Friends. What a grand parcel.

I sent my parcel to Maria and she has gotten it now.

This cat needs to learn how to drive a broom, at least he has claws to hold on. Now is he could only figure out how to stop it, he could get off.
Some extra goodies of fabric, two orange candles, candle, and recipe cards for fall.  Oh, and a picture of me so she knows who made her gifts.

Now that my exchanges are done, I had one with Lisa and am waiting to recieve my surprise parcel. Mine has already gone out to Ellen in Singapore and hope it dose not take forever to get there. I sent it airmail so I am hoping by the end of October if not sooner it will arrive at her door.

Well, I am off to find some floss and my yellow adia and start my Elves.
Thanks to all my followers, new and old for coming bye. Next I will be able to show some stitching. Hope you all have a great night. Hugs Lynda Ruth

Hi everyone just wanted to give you and update on my health. I have been having problems with wheezing,shortness of breath and very weak legs. Went to doctor on last Monday and had tests done on Tuesday, back to see doctor on Friday at noon and found out that I have a bacterial infection in tubes to lungs and just starting to enter lungs. I am not on Cephaloporin anitbiotic pills (huge) and two puffers of Fluticasone Hfa Indaler and Albuterol HFA inhaler to help me breath again. I need three pillows to sleep at night, and I think the coughing is driving my hubby nuts. I will be on these for two to three weeks and hopefully it will clear up and I will get some strength back and be able to walk up stairs without wanting to die from not being able to get air in my lungs. My doctor also wants be to go see a heart doctor, just to be safe. All in all it's been a great week. Finally knowing what the blank is wrong with me is a relief. Dave has been worried and so have I. First the bone growth on my neck and not this. No more thank you I have had all I want right now. I love to stitch and with no energy to do so it is not fun. I am starting to feel alittle better.

So everyone take care and have a great weekend. I plan to get out and take some pictures of the Autumn trees. hugs to all my followers. Enjoy life. Blessings


  1. Your elves are going to be very charming! Oh my, you've been in some wonderful exchanges as well. The Halloween one looks incredibly fun, love the cat ")

  2. Lovely exchanges! I didn't take part as I knew I wouldn't have time to stitch! Many happy returns for your daughter!Indeed time flies!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Love the Halloween stitching and the elves are really cute, great exchanges x

  4. What great exchanges and gifts! You are one lucky lady!!!

  5. Lovely exchanges! Enjoy your new goodies :D

  6. I love Madame Chantilly designs. enjoy your stitchings:)
    Thanks for visit on my blog, do you really talk about cowl? or just play on words:) if you are interesting, write me to email.

  7. The Halloween mail art exchange has been a true success for you :)
    What wonderful creations sent & received!

  8. So happy you liked your exchange Sis I enjoyed putting it together .
    Loved the one you sent too , what great fun. Big hugs.