Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saturday drive to Hartland

I guess you are all wondering what is so special about Hartland, New Brunswick. Well, It just so happens to have the longest covered bridge in the world. I wanted to go see it and take pictures. It is quiet the site to see and even drive thru. From where we live it was a 21/2 hours drive down to Hartland and it was worth it. We took a lunch to eat on the way and Dave stopped at Tim Horton's in Oromacto for coffee and a pee break. It was a cloudy day when we left home but half way down it got sunny. That was the nice part about driving in the sunshine and not the rain which it was doing when we left home.

I guess you would like to see the pictures I took of Hartland and the famous bridge which is 1282feet long. So here we go and do enjoy the pictures.

It was so hard to stand back far enough to get the whole bridge in the pictures. It was a good day trip, one I hope to take again next year, and maybe find a few more covered bridges to photography.

Those who where wondering how my doctor's visit went today.  While, there is a nickel sized growth on my spine at C3. It is about an inch away from my spinal cord and the doctor said we will wait until 3 months for another MRI to see if it is growing or not. He said it looks like it has been there for quiet some time and if it dose not grow, we will leave it alone. It is not Cancer so that is good news. If he had to operate it would be thru the front of my neck and he really dose not want to. It would be a tricky operation and I really don't want to either. Time will tell but for now life goes on as usual.

Take care my friends  hugs to all. lots of love Lynda Ruth from New Burnswick.


  1. Neat trip! Good advice to wait on the growth and see what happens.

  2. Such a cool bridge Lynda Ruth. Haven't got covered bridges in N.Z.( or as far as I know). They fascinate me, goodness knows why. Hope all goes well re your back. Hugs Shirley

  3. Great Photos . Good news and now have some fun , big hugs .

  4. Love the road trip. Thank you for taking me along...hope the next MRI is good....

  5. Fantastic road trip and you look after yourself, my dear!

  6. Hi Lynda Ruth, my name is Gabi and I live in Germany. The covered bridge reminds me of a wonderful vacation some years ago. I still remember the trip from Montreal to the Cabot Trail and the fantastic views in that part of your country. Thanks for showing.
    Greetings from Germany