Wednesday, September 9, 2015

St. Martins on Labour Day Weekend

 The tide was out until 6 we could not go swimming like we planned to, so we decided to have lunch and then collect some rocks. I do so love rocks.
 We had to go thru the covered bridge to get to the beach.
 the tide was out so everything is sitting on the bottom of the bay and waiting for the tide to come in.
 She how far we would have had to walk just to go swimming and I could not walk that far.
 Next year when we go back to St. Martin's I plan on trying their home made world famous chowder.
 There was a nice little craft shop so we went in and got a few things.
 Met a nice little guy and his puppy,
 See the water way out behind Dave. Oh, I wanted to go swimming in that warm water so badly but could not.
 Dave got me lovely dolphin earrings, so I had him take a picture.

This is the other side of the covered bridge as we where leaving.

This is part of the beach and under those trees is a hollow. I wanted a picture closer but I can't walk that far so this one will have to do.

My bowl of rocks.

 Some people collect the rocks and paint and write sayings on them.

These are the earrings.

It was a nice breezy day on Sunday so Dave made me a clothes line to hang out my sheets to air dry.

Well, that it for now, I have to go see how supper is doing. Hope everyone had a great day. Enjoy your week. Bye for now. Big hugs Lynda Ruth from New Brunswick.


  1. Hello Dear Lynda Ruth, have to go onto google earth and have a look to see where St. Martins is, wow to the chowder. Dear wee ear rings you got. I have seen quite a lot of "rock painting" here, see them at craft shows and markets, some are amazing. How are your strawberries? I love covered bridges, have no idea why, I have gone onto the computer a few times to look at the covered bridges. We don't have them here in N.Z. ( not as far as I know anyway). Weather not settled here yet. Today wet and cold. Have had some good days to tease us what hopefully will be coming. Have planted our summer garden now, no strawberries sadly, haven't had luck with them. Hugs Shirley

  2. Hi Sis looks like you had a good day.
    That is so funny about the rocks I brought youa wee one yesterday how funny is that , I will send with your envelope soon , hoping to get it stitched together this week and post it next week.
    Enjoy a good week hugs.

  3. What a lovely day out. Sweet earrings. Have a good work week.

  4. Hi Lynda Ruth: I love that you can hang out your sheets, we cannot even hang anything on our railing, covenants here where we live.
    Love the dolphin earrings so sweet.
    I love rocks, I have many small ones in my home, unusual and different looking ones, so nice to hold and see.


  5. Dearest Lynda-Ruth - what a lovely day you had! Thank you for sharing - take care.

  6. Glad you had a good time!AriadnefromGreece!