Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Potato's and Beans

 I planted way back when winter was over finally and I planted potato's in double tires to see how they would grow. I just used two double tires to see what I would get and at the end of this blog you will see what I just got out of the tires. I needed some for supper and a couple of other days so I felt around in the soil and found some nice sized ones.

 I planted beans and tomato's too along with some peas but the peas did not do so well.

 I also planted beans and lettuce out the front of the house.The beans are doing good but the lettuce was a complete failure.
One poor little lettuce plant survived. I think I will just let it grow.
 These are the potato's from the tires and the beans from the tires too.

These are the beans from the front of the house. I even have a couple of strawberrries but they are ending now finally after most of this year.

Well, I am off to clean the potato's and beans for supper.
P.S. for those of you that knew I was having an MRI yesterday, it went very well. The attendent had a mirror that he put on the head piece so that I could look out of the machine and not feel closed in. I had to lay there for half an hour and boy I am glad I was able to look around and fool my brain into thinking it was some where else and not in a closed space. The last 5 minutes they had to inject me with some dye and that was okay because I knew then that it would be over real soon. I could not do the one last Friday because it was at the French hospital and they did not have a machine like the Moncton hospital has. I did not sleep very well last night so I am hoping to get more rest tonight. Hugs to all my friends, bye for now. Lynda Ruth  xxx


  1. Excellent crop. Glad the MRI was not too bad.

  2. Wonderful lot of veges Lynda Ruth. It's a very satisfying feeling eating freshly picked/dug produce .Hope your results of the MRI are ok. Weather warming up here where I live. Talking about planting in the next week or two. Yaay. Hugs Shirley

  3. Great that your tests went well! As for the potatoes and beans they look lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Great work in the garden. I enjoy eating our own vegetables also.
    I hope you find out the results of your MRI quickly.

  5. Lovely garden - and SO GLAD the MRI went well! I've been thinking about you - take care -

  6. Sis your veg look so good.
    So happy your MRI went well , talk to you soon hugs.

  7. Lynda Ruth So glad your MRI went well, I cannot have one due to the hardware in my left arm,
    Your veggies looks yummy, what time is dinner?