Sunday, August 23, 2015

Trip to Prince Edward Island and the Air Show.

We went on Saturday early to go to Summerside for the airshow that was to be on this weekend. The weather man called for rain but we got lucky and the rain  came on the way home from the island. We had a nice warm cloudy but sunny day to enjoy the air planes and watch the show. What I was looking forward too was to see the Snow Birds.

It was not an expensive show, $22.00 for Seniors and $25.00 for regular persons, children free under a certain age.

First we had a parade of sorts and then jumpers carrying the flags of Canada and the United States.

 We all parked on an old runway.
 This is where we entered the show grounds.

 Some of the people in the small parade.

 Jumpers with the two flags of our countries.

This guy had four flags to jump with.

 How do you like the face on this plane.
 There where even bagpipers in the parade.

We even got to go inside this Hercules and look around. Dave took a picture of me in the airplane which is below and he took a couple as I came out of the plane but some how his camera went all white and the pictures did not turn out. This is the only way I will ever get on an airplane. As long as it is not going to fly which it did later in the show.

 Boy, I sure had swollen ankles after this adventure but it was worth all the walking and standing. That's why I have a face on. My ankles where starting to ache and I wasn't about to leave and miss any of the show. Not after coming all this way and it is something that I can cross off my bucket list. And the other on the list was to see the Snow Birds  flying. And to do this all with my husband Dave was the best ever.
 The following pictures are some of the inside of the airplane.

 My husband got to tell some of the people about this airplane because he was in the air force and flew on one of these planes.

It was quite a big airplane. Now for some pictures of the airplanes and even a truck trying to run down the runway against an airplane.

 The truck and the plane getting ready to race.

 The snow birds in these last few photo's.

 Ever seen a plane fly sideways. This guy is a show off.
 I got myself a hat.

 Here I am with Anne of Green Gables.
 What people don't make on hillsides.
 The toll booths as we leave the island. I cost $45.50 to visit the island, that's to pay for the bridge and I think it is well worth the price of a fun day on the island. We even went into Charlottetown for supper. We had some good fish in chips.
 Some one on the bridge to say good bye to us.

Here is the other end of the bridge as we leave and go back into New Brunswick.

 The islanders grow potato's and below is a field of mustard.

 I do love the churches and try to take pictures as we pass by.

 They are building a new road into Charlottetown, do you see the red soil. It's all over the island.
Part of the bridge from the road leading back to the start of our wonderful small vacation. We had a great time and took our time as we went along. Had no one to rush home too and it was a great day. Hope you liked my visit to Prince Edward Island. Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment, I do love to read them. Big hugs from Lynda Ruth in New Brunswick, Canada. xxx


  1. I have a good friend in Canada who is from PEI and visits her family there every summer. Thanks for showing us all those lovely things today!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful day you would have had. The photos are great and I really enjoyed reading about your day.I have long wanted to visit PEI but know it won't happen. A friend of mine has been and she loved it there. I would love to see the house and the statue of Anne of Green Gables. There is a lovely blog written by Carolyn at Aiken House Gardens who lives there. You can read some wonderful stories she writes about her love of antiques, gardens etc. How long did it take you to get to the Island from where you live Lynda Ruth? Hugs Shirley

  4. Thank you for sharing these pictures my friend! My brother had a model airplane with that face hanging in his bedroom when we were little. Ann is sure a pretty statue. That is the most expensive toll I have ever heard of in my life! Wow! I am so glad you had a fantastic time. Air shows are sure neat!

  5. This looks like a simply wonderful day! Thank you for sharing with all of us

  6. Wow looks like you had a wonderfull day , thanks for sharing the photos , your white birds are like our Red arrows they fly over my house a couple of times in the summer.
    Oh I love Ann of green gables so much , use to watch it on TV.
    Sending you loads of hugs Sis.

  7. Great pictures! I loved seeing them!