Saturday, August 15, 2015

Strawberry plants and Computer Friends

I even have summer strawberries on my young plants.

Now as long as I get them instead of my little chipmunk friend who has a sweet tooth for the berries. I don't mind if she or he has some. The plants are getting estabished for next year.

I love this saying on a bill board in town. It is true all my friends live inside my computer.

 While I sent June a parcel on the; while I should say it lefted Canada on July 8th and took a trip around the world and finally landed at June's door on Friday the 14th of August. Yes, It showed up yesterday and she has the gifts on her blog so you can go over and see what I sent her for her birthday. I received a parcel from June yesterday but her's was  sent only  a couple of weeks ago. I don't know why the mail if so fickle. Oh, well at least she got her long awaited gifts. I hope the birthday parcel I sent her husband Ron dose not take as long to get to him.

 I do so love the pillow and the saying is everything to treasure always.
 how do you like my new summer beach purse. It's adoreable.
 The tea towel from Devon with the crab on it is so comical.
 Isn't this little mouse with his cupcake sweet.
I have never had yellow adia to stitch on before so I will have to find something special to stitch
on it.

I have worried over June's parcel for 8 weeks to get to her that I can finally relax and get back to some important stitching.

I am off to do some house work and enjoy the rest of my weekend. I am working on a halloween purse for Mii Stitch's exchange and looking for goodies to go with it. I still have other stitching but it has been put aside for now. Thanks for all my friends new and others who come to see what I do in my part of the world.  Take care all. love you all. Big hugs from New Brunswick, Canada. xxx

Update on my strawberry plants, here are some pictures of the plants now. I don't think they know what season they are in. The weather here has been hot with rain at night so I think these plants think they should be making berries. Now if only the little chipmunk would leave these plants alone I might be able to get a good amount of berries. Wish me luck. I hope the chipmunk gets a stomach ache and goes after something else.

Have a great week everyone. P.S. Thanks Lynda Ackerson for your card, got it today.


  1. Hello Sis , love all my gifts thank you my sweet .
    I can see a red strawberry you must eat it quick before it is taken hugs.

  2. Such a nice exchange between you two. What a lovely pillow she made you.
    I agree about our friends in the computer. :)

  3. What lovely gifts, Lynda-Ruth. You and June are such special people.

  4. Oooh, lovely! Enjoy your new goodies :D