Thursday, August 6, 2015

Great weekend at Memramcock Car Show.

It was another nice weekend for the first of August which was a holiday here in New Brunswick called New Brunswick Day.  We decided to go to the Memramcock Car Show that was on. We got a good spot in the shade and I stayed by or should I say in the car for most of the day. I had lots of people to talk to because they all came to say hi after they spoke with Dave who was out taking pictures of all the cars. I had pain in my leg from Fibomyalgia in my left thigh. It's like a burning pain and the only thing I have found that really takes the pain away is ice on my thigh. We went swimming at Cassie Cape on Tuesday afternoon and I sat in the cold water for 2 hours and the pain in my thigh is not a problem today. If it starts which sometimes It just grabs you and boy the pain is horrible. I was trying to make supper last week and I almost dropped the spaghetti.  I was making for my hubby because the pain came out of no where and boy, that hurt. I had to call him to help me and he knew I was in trouble if I need him to help with supper.

 My hubby and our car under the trees. Nice shade for the whole day.
 Some of the cars at the show.

This is a friend of mine who sells small cars at all the car shows.

I like this sign, it says allot.

I have joined a Halloween Exchange with Mii and I am also doing the Card exchange with Gracie. I love being able to do stitching for others. I do hate that the postal service is so slow in delivering parcels. I have sent out three parcels last and and at the end of June and they still have not reached their destination. What do you think of your postal service? And if you try to track your items I can only track them up and until they leave Canada and then I  can't track them anywhere else.  It's a royal pain not to know where your parcels are.

Anyway, I have bitched long enough. I hope all have a great day and take care. Hope to have some stitching done for next time. Big hugs from New Brunswick.    Lynda Ruth   xxx


  1. Dear Lynda, I know exactly how it is to have bad pain, and have it pop out of nowhere sometimes. I am sorry you suffer. Swimming sounds like a great relief. Take good care.

  2. Dear Lynda Ruth, I'm so sorry to see you are having problems with terrible pain. The trouble with pain you can't actually see anything.It would be a help to be able to see something for that pain. Perhaps an anti inflammatory tablet for a few doses may help. Did you do any stitching while you rested in the car? We are starting to get a little bit of "Spring" like weather here where I live. Spring flowers starting to bloom which is really lovely to see, but it is still pretty cool temp wise. Take care and hope you get relief from your pain probs soon. Hugs Shirley

  3. Sorry Sis you have had this pain, have you had it before ?
    Great cars , looks like it was a good day.
    I wish our post would get it together. Hugs.

  4. Hope you get better soon!
    Looks like you had a lovely day out with all the cars :)

  5. Oh, Lynda - hope you're better soon. What a great day with all those cars - glad you could find some shade. I have the same problem with our postal service - I mailed something overseas the end of June and it still hasn't arrived yet. I, too, cannot track a package once it leaves the US. I feel awful when my swap partners don't receive their items on time. Oh well. Part of the adventure, I guess. ;0)