Saturday, October 10, 2015


I love to go driving on a Sunday and look at all the Autumn leaves on the trees. They change from a lovely green all summer to scarlet, golds, rusts, yellows and reds. Just alittle frost and the leaves start to change. Nature is a wonder.

 I love to drive by and watch the horses enjoying the last of summer's warmth before winter sets in. These guys where content to just stand and sleep with the sun shinning down on their backs.
We where out here way back in June to hook up some hydro cables on these lines by this bridge only this bridge was not here. There was an older bridge that needed to be replaced and I wanted to see the new one, so we went for a drive and this is it.

Looks like a nice river to go fishing in.

Another angle of the bridge.

The river from the bridge thru the guard rails.

Okay, now I will show you the gifts I got from Ellen in Singapore and what I sent Ellen. Lisa had a anything goes exchange and this is what we got.

 I thought a simple pillow in pink with some buttons and a heart would be nice, plus I added some autumn themed tea towels and dish clothes, and a table cloth and a little box of chocolates. I did not know that Ellen liked Autumn and this just turned out great.

I had allot fun doing this  pillow and sewing it up.

Now this is what Ellen sent me, funny thing is we sent out gifts to each other and they arrived with in a day or two of each one.

 Look at all the goodies she sent me. Fabric, floss, buttons, two sweet pumpkins and a brown mystery bag. Bet you can't guess what was in it. I would never have guessed in a million years the treaure that I found inside. Oh, my goodness it is lovely and will be treaured forever.

 Aren't these the sweetest pumpkins and the floss is so pretty, I love soft colours. And a magazine with all kinds of lovely charts to stitch. Even alittle bird in a cage to do. How wonderful is that.
 Look at this lovely stitched mirror.

Here is a better look out of the bag.

I really, really like it allot.

I can't thank you enough Ellen for such lovely gifts. It was really allot of fun to stitch for you.

Now I am going to leave you guys. I have a turkey to get ready for tomorrow and a kitchen to put back in place because hubby just finished washing the floors in the kitchen, hallway and laundry room for me. I am still weak form my chest infection and I could not stand the look of the floors any longer.   He is a sweet man.   Hugs to all my followers and I will be back with some stitching later on in the week. Have a great Thanksgiving Canada and be safe. Bug Hugs xxx Lynda Ruth


  1. Such beautiful exchange gifts. I love the Autumn colours too.

  2. Oh my! You received and gave wonderful gifts. Oh so pretty.
    Dave is like my Brian. He helps me so much because of my pain also. What blessings these husbands are!

  3. Wonderful photos Sis .
    OMG what a wonderful exchange love both , such lovely stitchings and goodies .
    Take care sweet Sis enjoy your Sunday.

  4. What a wonderful Husband, I have one just like yours, very kind and helpful.
    Love your exchanges, that compact mirror so pretty.
    That pink pillow is adorable.


  5. Lovely gifts. Autumn is a very beautiful time with all it's vibrant colours. It would have been really cool if the bridge had been covered. Love covered bridges. Take care Lynda Ruth and keep stitching. Hugs Shirley

  6. Hope you are feeling much better!Hubby is sweet indeed to help you out!Happy thanksgiving!Lovely gifts!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Lovely gifts!!!!
    Wish hubby will clean the floors for me. You have a real gem!

  8. Beautiful gifts, both given and received! Enjoy your goodies :D