Saturday, May 23, 2015

I want warmer weather.

This weekend is cooler than last and it's suppose to rain all weekend and half of next week if not all of the week. I have been busy taking pictures to show you. Where to start. My hubby is in his garage helping a friend to fix up his car.

Keith standing and Dave sitting. Men do love their cars.

Lots of body work to be done but it is getting close to being finished.

 My small strawberry plant survived and is growing little ones to the right of the plant.
 These tulips are almost done but I still have the tire below to bloom yet.

I thought I had lost my lily of the valley but they where just late coming up. Maybe this year they will flower. This is the three year and I am hoping for some flowers.

I promised to show some stitching so here it is.

 I have been reading a book this week and it is very interesting.
 This is all of the sea glass from the three times we have been to the beach. Not sure if we will be going this weekend. It is suppose to rain.

 I found a robin's egg while I was out taking pictures this morning. I do hope the baby is okay.
 My $1.50 plant is still doing well, and so are my violets. I do love these colours.

I just got this off of Lizze Katès blog and it is so true--you should always believe in yourself and follow your heart.

Take care, will be back soon. Big hugs to all. xxxx Lynda Ruth


  1. I see lovely green grass and beautiful flowers at last your Spring is on it's way , it was cool here some days this week , but lovely today.
    OH I love Debbies books , I read the cedar tree ones , lovely stitching . Have a great weekend.

  2. Lovely stitching my friend. It is very warm here today and sunny. Rain for the next few days. Your days are coming. ;)

  3. Hello Lynda Ruth, it looks like Spring is on the way but perhaps a little slowly. We are starting to settle into colder weather now. Yesterday was a real winters day. Good for keeping warm inside and stitching or knitting. Soup weather as well. Your book looks really interesting. Don't know the author though. Yes men do love their cars and so do young boys. my 11 year old grandson and his dad are keen to buy a cheep mini to do up. I know they will do it. Sam (grandson) is looking on Trade me for a deal.Enjoy your stitching and until next time. Hugs Shirley

  4. Lovely stitching! Your flowers are looking lovely. Fingers crossed you get nice warm weather soon! :D

  5. Lovely flowers - and what beautiful stitching! Take care -

  6. Lynda Ruth: I am a lover of Debbie Macomber, I think I have read almost all her books, I still have six left to read.
    Love your stitching choice, your flowers are so beautiful.
    I have a strawberry patch that started with only five plants now it seems like hundreds.
    Men do need their hobbies, just like us with stitching.