Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Beach to walk on.

We took the Camero out on Monday, holiday here and went for a drive in the country to Dorchester to find a beach where the sandpipers will come and raise their babies. We wanted to get to the beach long before the birds come so we can see what the beach is like and see if we can find, yes, you guessed it Sea Glass.

The tide was in while we where there so we did not go to far. It's kind of a rocky shore line which is good for the birds.
Here is Dave looking for glass, I have him well trained to help me find glass. He found a nice little blue one which are hard to find.
I got him to take a picture of me so you would see that I am looking too.
This is what we found, 40 pieces of glass. 1 blue one, 5 white ones, 4 green ones and the rest are brown ones. A very nice amount for a beach we have not been too before.
See, we where not the only ones to visit the beach. A family came to enjoy the warm weather and enjoy the sounds of the sea and the birds chirpping.

Next time I will show you some stitching. Bye for now. hugs Lynda Ruth xxx


  1. Looks lovely on the beach, lots of lovely sea glass hugs.

  2. Looks like a lovely, lovely day! Plenty of sunshine and glass finds.

  3. What a fun and gorgeous outing!

  4. That was so nice to see you enjoying the sea and collecting sea glass!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. I do miss walking a beach and looking for shells and glass.... I have none of those from before I moved from the East coast to here on the WEst beaches here! Thanks for sharing lovely pictures.