Monday, May 11, 2015

Thumble exchange and a Pay it Forward Gifts.

I just love to come home and find goodies in my mail box. I got the most wonderful gifts from Kim McCool today. Her card said I hope you enjoy your Pay It Forward gifts and I love them. Thank you Kim, most unexpected but very grateful for you thinking of me. I got a frame with my initial in it. Lovely Spring  stitching, I have been meaning to do one for myself but you know how that goses. You do for others first and you come second. And the most lovely tea pot cover. I just love the tea cups on the fabric. I am so a tea drinker. Thank you so so much Kim. I will treasure always.Your gifts and your wonderful friendship. Hugs dear friend.

Pilar from Barcelona sent me these lovely gifts. We are having a thumble exchange and this is what I got today. I had to go to the post office to sign for the envelope but that was a good thing because the street address was not complete and Pilar is a clever cookie to have it so I had to sign so no one else would end up with these lovely gifts. I know some people would not think twice about taking something that did not belong to them. Pilar sent me some ribbon, a letter L, some floss and some small charms and the thumble of Barcelona below.

 There is a thumble, floss, button, scissor and a dragon fly in the little bag. So sweet and I love everything. Thank you so much Pilar, I will treasure these gifts always.

I got a comment on my last post that I did not show the sea glass so I have taken a picture to show the sea glass. I do hope to get allot more this summer.

How do you like my little flower, she wants to send everyone in Blogland a bush of FREE HUGS
Any takers.

Take care of yourselves. See you all next time. Big Hugs from me.


  1. I will take one! ;) HUGS back to you Lynda Ruth.
    What fun, sweet packages just for you.

  2. Thanks for the sea glass photo! Oh I love the Barcelona thimble! I love anything that has to do with Barcelona!We even named our dog Barca!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. What lovely gifts you've received! The thimble is awesome & I'm sure Ariadne has fully enjoyed your sea glass stones :)

  4. Oh, Lynda-Ruth!! So happy the thimble exchange package arrived! And the PIF package, too. I'm glad you enjoyed the gifts.
    I'll take some hugs!!

  5. Looks like you've received some lovely gifts in the mail lately! Enjoy... And I would love a "free hug!"

  6. Wonderful exchange.


  7. Hello Lynda Ruth and thank you for visiting my little blog .Please excuse my funny english and the bad grammar! You have recieved very lovely gifts and i think that tea pot cover is just georgeous.I have never seen a thimble exchange before -What a sweet idea!

  8. Lovely gifts, you have been deservedly spoilt!