Saturday, May 30, 2015

Purple tulips from a mixed package. What happened to the other colours?

I planted a mixed pack of tulips last fall and this is what I got. All purple, but a mix of colour purple.
One is trying to be a red tulip on the right. Lovely flowers any way you look at  them.

My hubby finally gets to wear shorts on these days that are starting to warm up.

 We are going to plant more vegetables in my tires again this year. We are doubling 4 sets of tires to plant potato's in. I just got some Yukon Gold to try. Just back from a day of shopping. Ran over town to get what I needed.  Will start tomorrow.

My little bush has a few blooms on it. Just a baby tree starting to grow.

I got a new plant bleeding heart to put beside my hummingbird feeder for the hummies to enjoy.

This is what my oldest daughter gave me for last christmas. I like it and so do all the hummies.

 I got some more strawberry plants, mine did not survive being buried under 8 feet of snow. Got some beef steak tomato's and some cucumbers too. Also got yellow and green beans, peas, carrots and seed tape salad lettuce and a packet of Lavender to try and grow.

How do you like my new wind chim?  Just got it too.

 Thought I would show you my two kitties, you haven't seen them in awhile.

Miss Button's decided to lose some
weight on her own and she is more like a young kitty than a 10 year old. She has more spunk now. But she dose like to have her afternoon naps. Do you blame her for enjoy life. 

 I also got new tools and gloves for my gardening adventure in the next couple of days. got all the dirt in the car and the tires are waiting.

My sweet sister June from England  Butterfly wings send me a lovely magazine and I am so enjoying all the wonderful charts in it. Just droolling over all the pages. Thanks sis it's great. ( I  sent you first birthday parcel today, I kind of added a couple of goodies with what I said I was sending you. You will love all. Should be there in a week come Monday.

Well, I am going outside to see what hubby is doing now. It's almost three in the afternoon here and he said we would go out for a drive in the Camero and then out for supper. Tomorrow is planting day and stitching is tonight. Hope all enjoy your weekend and thanks for coming over to my little place in New Brunswick to see what I am up to these days. I work Monday to Friday and really don't have time to blog every day so when I can I like to get on with it and let everyone know whats up down here. You will all be glad to know that we did not get allot of Spring but headed right for summer weather so that's a good thing. Take care all and be happy and enjoy life. Till next time. hugs xxx Lynda Ruth.


  1. Where do you get all these tires Lynda?

  2. Oh the joys of warmer weather.Here in N.Z. it is gloomy and cold. Have had hard frosts the last few days. The South Island got a good dumping of snow, the skifields are ready for the influx. Where I live we don't get snow, just hard frosts, some days don't thaw. those are really cold to the bone and just stay indoors and stitch.Look forward to seeing all your plantings then your rewards. Hugs Shirley

  3. What lovely tulips love the pretty colour , your grass is so green .
    So happy you enjoyed the mag,
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Lynda Ruth: Your tulips are lovely, I used to have tulips at our last home, the cool nights let them bloom for a long time.
    Your little boo kitties are adorable.
    Love love the chimes, so is the stain glass bird.
    I hope dinner was yummy and you had a wonderful ride.


  5. Nice to see all the snow gone!!! Beautiful tulips :)