Sunday, June 14, 2015

Very busy week.

While the lupins are in full bloom these days and it  feels like summer is coming. All the snow has gone finally. None lefted anywhere. I am so glad to see it gone and not looking forward to seeing any too soon.

While Dave and Kieth have finally fixed Kieth's car and it left here on Saturday afternoon looking pretty good. About a month of hard work to fix all the holes in the body and you would not believe what Martha as Kieth calls her looks now. Beautiful. Have a look.

 HIGH FIVES all around for a job well done!

Look how prude Kieth is to have his car finished and can take it home.

Martha sure looks good for an old gal.

While I got me a new dresser to put into my livingroom to put all my stitching stuff in while I am stitching down here. Hubby is very busy putting it together for me. Looks pretty good once it's together.

That's not all hubby did for me this week-end. He was busy ourside putting dirt in my tires plus he built me a nice box home for my new strawberries, the winter snow killed all the once I had and I had to get new plants. What do you think of this.

I have twelve plants in this box and they already have some runners on them. I don't think there will be any strawberries this year but I am sure that there will be next year. I have already told Dave that I want a good board covering these guys when winter comes so they don't get killed off again after going to all this trouble to make them a nice place to grow and have them die again.

I haven't any stitching to show this time around, we have been working long hours this week and one day was from 6:15 a.m.until 2 p.m. Lots of work to be done on two streets in town, so we had to get working before people where up and about because the hydro had to be turned off for awhile and we only had so long before it had to be turned back on, we did mange to get the job done and no one was unhappy.  Well, I am off to get supper ready. Thank you for dropping by to see what I have been up to. Do take care and I promise next time I will show some stitching. xxxx Lynda Ruth


  1. Boy, you two have been busy! Love your new dresser - DH did a great job putting it together.

  2. Good for Dave and Keith! Yes, Martha is looking good!

  3. Love that new dresser! You will be so organized!!

  4. Love the dresser Sis, Dave has so much talent well done Dave .
    Love your garden and all the strawberries they are going to be so yummy.

  5. Gosh you both have been busy, that is so good. I'm guessing the weather is pretty warm, your DH is wearing summer gear. Cold here and wet. Today was a heavy frost but lovely clear blue sky and the sun is shining but not with real warmth, grateful to see it though.Enjoying knitting and doing some embroidery inside in the warmth. Like the look of your new dresser and yum to getting some strawberries. Hugs Shirley

  6. Hi Lynda Ruth: I would be proud of that car myself, it is a beauty.
    The storage unit is very nice, I should look up something like that.
    If you have flowers on your strawberry plants you will get strawberries, I have a very large plot, on Tuesday I picked a very large bowl full.