Thursday, June 25, 2015

Buttercups, strawberry plants and christmas trees.

Hello everyone, how are you today?  The week is almost over and it's been a busy work week. One more day to go. We had allot of rain this week, so I am hoping the weekend will be sunny and warm, I want to go to the beach and maybe sit in the water and collect some more sea glass.

First I want to show my strawberry garden, hubby made a box so I could put my new plants in.
 This is what they looked like when I first planted them and below is today. We have had allot of rain so they have gotten off to a good start. There are some berries coming on them. We will cover with a large board for the winter and then we should have lots of good berries next year.

He even made a box to go around this and I planted some lettuce and beans, just a couple of days ago so nothing is showing up yet.

My snowball bush is doing very good this year. It just has little clusters of white flowers.

 My three christmas trees that I got from the woods a few years back are doing very well this year despite the hard snow winter. They where covered so much with snow, I thought I had lost them, but they are growing and looking great.


Now for some cross stitching that I promised you all last blog.

While that's it for now. Hope everyone has a good day. hugs Lynda Ruth


  1. Hi Sis , lovely post love all your plants ,they are are growing so well you must have green fingers.
    Beautiful stitching , have a good weekend hugs.

  2. All your plants are growing.... Mmmm strawberries :)
    Lovely stitching too.... Loving all the colours, very pretty.
    Have a smiley weekend :)

  3. I love your stitching! So sweet and cheerful!
    Your strawberries look great and I love those Christmas trees!!! They have a pretty shape!

  4. It must be really encouraging to see all your plants growing so healthily and well. Hope you get a great harvest from your strawberries. Love all your stitcheries Lynda Ruth. Have a good week end. Hugs Shirley

  5. Oh sweet stitching Lynda. I am enjoying my garden also. :)

  6. Beautiful cross-stitching, and I love your plants! :D