Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Peonies are the best ever this year. (Lots Of Photo's)

 These peonies are doing so well this year, I lost them all last year in the rain, but this time around they are bigger and heavier.  They came in just after all the rain we had so it was good timing for them.

My tomato's are alittle behind they did not get started on time so will have to wait and see how they do.

Moved my violets and they are all blooming now.

This is alittle cross stitching that I am doing for my daughter Carla. I have been hunting since April to find her something I think she would like. I am fussy on making stitching and have to find just the right one to do.

We went for a drive on July 1st Canada Day. One of my neighbour's had these flags on his porch.

 We drove over to Shediac and back to Moncton and stopped at the Magic Mountain Village.

 Some people where boating in Shediac.
 This is a Japanese tour bus of people just arrived at the valley, there where 3 more that stopped that day.
 Under the wharf was a family of ducks. How cute.

 Heart shaped rocks and thumbles to buy.

 A rock hound would go crazy with all these to run their hands threw.
 Nice lady at the counter.
Some photo's of the inside of the shop. This was the only one open on that day.

here are some photo's of outside the shop on the wharp.

It was a fun day. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. American's and all who celebrate the 4th of July do enjoy your day. Big hugs to all my followers. Be safe and free. xxx Lynda Ruth


  1. Nice stitching Sis your daughter will love it.
    lovely flowers .
    Looks like you had a great day out , have a lovely Sunday hugs.

    1. yes, June I am hoping she will like this. Atleast I have some flowers to show you. hugs

  2. I would have loved it in this shop! Great cross stitch! Have a great summer!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. Yes, it had alot of goodies in it. Wish you where here to enjoy. Take care my friend, I am always thinking about you. hope all will get better soon. Big hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. I always enjoy seeing more of your world. :)

    1. I am glad you like to see my part of the world, I know we all can't get to all the places we would like to go so I try to show something different every time. Glad you are enjoy. hugs Lynda Ruth

  4. What great photos, Lynda Ruth! My oldest son worked up in Fredericton for a year so I recognize some of the place names that you mention :)

  5. I have to live vicariously through other people's blog pictures if the destination is too far by car... can't fly! Loved seeing your pictures! I am the same way about stitching for others! My younger daughter just moved into a new house and I was thinking about stitching a Welcome something or other... now to find the perfect pattern! Hugs!

  6. Looks like a lovely trip! I would love that gift shop!
    Your flowers are beautiful!
    Sweet stitching!

  7. Lynda Ruth: Thank-you for sharing your day with us, it looks like a beautiful time.
    Your flowers are lovely.