Sunday, February 2, 2014

Warm Sunday

It's a mild Sunday here in New Brunswick today. The snow is melting off the roof of the house and there is very little snow on the lawns. It's a nice 5 degrees above zero which is nice and warm.

My cats are doing their usual thing on a Sunday or any other day that ends in y. Resting on the carpet after they had their Sunday treat.

I have been knitting some and the scarf is getting bigger or should I say longer.

I have a fourth ball of wool to add to this scarf and then it should be done. Then I will have time to start another scarf, I want to make a whole lot so I have lots for gifts at Christmas. I want to make dish clothes too and have gotten a nice coloured ball of wool to use. I take stuff with me to work and if we have to wait for the guys on the hydro trucks, I have something to do besides read the daily paper. I get it each day before we leave for work so DH has something to read while we wait.

I have got alittle done on the pattern of the month. Not much but plan to work on it today after supper. I was over at crocettardo fra le pesti blog and got a couple of charts which she sent me yesterday. I bought two and was given a third for free which I did not know about. :)  I got "Love in the Air", "Wild Camomille" and my free one was " The Fir Tree."
I will have fun with these to stitch. Teresa has such lovely charts, I hope to get all of them in time. I have a few now and hope to get more. I got the Twelve Days of Christmas last year and hope to have them done my Christmas this year to hang on my Christmas tree. I like to place little pillows on my Christmas tree.

I know by looking at your blogs allot of you like to have trees with just cross stitching on it and I do love all of them. It really makes yours trees look feastive.

I sent a valentine exchange to June at Butterfly Wings and I am hoping that it dosen't take months to get there like the last box I sent her. But she did so enjoy it once it got to her home. I read all the nice comments you wrote her and she dose some fab stitching. June set me some goodies  for Christmas and I was thrilled to get them. In the window are stitching pillows and a red towel on my sewing machine.The little yellow bird was a gift for Autumn. There is a pillow that says Welcome and a bag with dear on it.

I also got this bag on my chair filled with goodies. And my DH gave me this chair heater for my aching back. It heats different parts of your back at once or all together and it viprates too. I got soiled at Christmas.

Even my daughter sent a box loaded with goodies for us.

She got all of those packages in that box. Do you think she is like mom on sending gifts.

The pink boxes on the right where my Birthday gifts, January 5th comes pretty close to Christmas.

Well I hope you enjoyed my blog today. I am off to do some vaccuming and after supper more stitching. Thanks for dropping by. Hugs to all, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Lynda Ruth.


  1. Lovely post , love all the goodies , hope you are having a fun day.

  2. lovely post, beautiful cross stitch design

  3. Lots of stitchy goodness in this post.

    Wow, your cat in the second photo is the spitting image of our cat Giggsy who passed away in September. What are your kitties names?

    1. Hello Rowyn, My cat's names are Jasmine- the little black and white one and Ms. Buttons - the big white and black one. I have seen allot of black and white cats like my Jasmine. have a great day. Lynda Ruth

  4. Your scarf is certainly coming along nicely. Enjoy your stitching and your new patterns.