Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunny Sunday.

Hello everyone, hope all are well today, special prayers go out to everyone in Britain who are having a hard time with all the rain and high winds. All that flooding can't be good for anyone. I do hope all are well and safe.

I am on my last ball of wool for my scarf and it's coming along nicely, getting nice and long.

I'll be going to Micheal's some time this week to get more wool so I can start another one. This one is going to a friend for their birthday.

Anyone get the Stoney Creek and Just Cross Stitch magazines. I just got mine in the mail on Friday and love all the wonderful charts inside. I wish I had talent to create charts but I can only cross stitch them.

I got a great ball of cotton wool on Friday to make dish clothes, I have lots of friends who love to get them at Christmas time. My doctor won't wash his dish with anything else and looks forward to my giving him a whole lot at Christmas. I think he is spoiled.

I have done some cross stitch this week and hope to finish this one really soon into a nice pillow.

It's coming along quite nicely. Only stitch it at night. We have been so busy working all week that I haven't had time in the day to do it. I also have had a hard time sleeping. I get that closed in feeling allot and this week it was bad. I finally went into the guest bedroom where the windows are not completely covered and I can look out and see the stars at night. It's more open than our bedroom and I feel allot better sleeping there. I know DH doesn't like to sleep alone but if I don't sleep then I am no good for anything come the next day. Yesterday, I was so tired that I sat in my recliner and had a 3 hour nap. I did feel so much better and I did get a good night's sleep last night. I told DH that his loud breathing kept me awake. He seems to have a habit of falling off his pillow and then the sounds begin and I can't rest with the train running all night.  He was allot quieter last night and managed to stay on his pillow. I got him a new pillow because of his snoring and now it's his heavy breathing. What's a girl to do? Can't win either way. But I love him anyway.

So far this week we have had good weather, a little snow and a bit of wind but no storms to worry about. We have lost most of our snow and only have a foot or two in the fields behind the house. Good for the neighbors to go  snowmobiling.

Well, I off now, hope you all have a great Sunday, have fun stitching and do drop by again. Hugs to all, and warm prayers  to everyone in Britain and hope those storms stop soon. Till next time. Lynda Ruth


  1. Very nice work Lynda. My husband snores if he lays on his back. As if that isn't bad enough, Mabel, our toy poodle, now snores too. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

  2. Lovely work Lynda , your scarf looks great so do your mags do they have Spring designs in there ? I love Spring the best ever.
    Join the club my DH snores all the time I often go into the back room just to get some sleep , hugs.

  3. Lovely scarf and I subscribe to Just Cross Stitch Magazine. Yep I got my issue and have only flipped thru quickly. I do enjoy them. Great cross stitch project.
    love Annette

  4. indeed, the weather is terrible everywhere !
    strange weather we are having in the North of France too
    terrible wind and rain :(
    let's hope Spring will soon arrive ! =)
    lovely scarf & beautiful stitches you've done
    very nice work