Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day exchange

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. I had an exchange with June in England and I love the lovely gifts I got.

Isn't this teddy and pillow sweet, and the card is
 amazing, I love them all.

I sent June some lovely gifts but forgot to take a pic so if you go over to June's Butterfly wings you can see what I gave her.

I have made another pillow but I can't show it now because it's going to Maggee for all the help she gave me in setting up my blog. I have gotten most of the kinks out.

But as you know I haven't blogged for awhile and that's because my computer decided to stop working. I could not get on the internet and it drove my DH mad trying to fit it. All week long he tried everything he knew to get it to work. He even did a backup on my system to help.  I think there was a gremlin in it because it came back by itself. Mystery.

But what a pain in the ------:(

We have no idea why it did what it did and why it came back. I think it went on a holiday for a week. I  had to use my little laptop and boy is the screen small. I was getting use to typing on it when the big computer decided to work again. 

Maggee this is your parcel ready to be mailed on Monday, I covered the address with fish stickers my DH gave me for Valentine's Day. We did not want allot candy around because we just finished all the candy from Christmas and I am not into roses, my favorite flower is Carnations.

Has any one got the new Just Cross Stitch magazine for this month. I found the cutest little mouse in it to stitch.

He has found a four leaf clover and is so proud of himself. Love his smile. Will be stitching him soon.

June and I are doing an Easter exchange and I will make sure to take pics of what I am sending June. I don't know why I forgot the last time. Busy, busy.  We had a rain storm yesterday and drove thru so much water to get to work and then it snowed last night but not as much as they said it would. Thank goodness for small mercies.

I hope all have a nice safe and warm and dry weekend.   Enjoy your day wherever you are. hugs for now. :)    Lynda Ruth

Thought I would leave you with a pic of my two babies, Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Buttons below. Have a great day.


  1. What lovely exchange gifts your received. Enjoy stitching from your new magazine. Stay safe and warm.

  2. Oh my goodness! You furry, little friend from June looks so very, very much like my Henry. Our tiny toy poodle.

  3. Another lovely post , the mouse in the clover is so cute , enjoy your new magazine hugs June.

  4. really can't wait to see this cute mouse stitched by you =)
    I saw on June's blog that it has been a great Valentines exchange with many beautiful goodies
    have a great week

  5. Such beautiful gifts from June-she is such a sweetheart :)