Friday, February 21, 2014

How would you like this hair to comb.

On our travels around New Brunswick, while working with the power crew we come across some strange and different  creatures, like the horses above. I would not want to comb their hair. What a mess, but beautiful animals anyway. What do you think of this guy or gal, not sure which it was. Got a good winter coat. And the size of these geese is unreal. They would diffiently make a good dinner at Easter or Christmas. There had to have been at-least 10 big birds and they chirped like little birds do.  I am not sure if it's an alpaca or a llama, whatever it was it was noisy and came over to the fence to see me. So I took this picture with my camera phone. It had a part of the barn that it could go into and rest and stay warm but it was a nice day that day so it was outside most of the time listening to the geese making noises.
The alpaca or llama's door way is on the right hand of this picture, can you see it above.

We have had so much snow in the last week, I think we have had our quota for the winter. I hope so anyway. When going to work this morning we had to drive thru fog. Not a good thing first thing in the morning. 

When the air is warmer and moving across the cold ground it creates fog. It's called take your time driving to work.  Makes for weird shapes.

I started another lamb and am doing good so far. I finished my scarf and will show later. I did two dish cloths and have started a third one.

I guess this is all the time I have for now. Do enjoy your weekend everyone and please come back soon. I do love to hear from you and welcome all of my followers.  Hugs to all Lynda Ruth.


  1. Love your sheep stitching!! But don't think I would like your snow and fog!!! :)
    Have a great weekend
    Hugs x

  2. Nice projects you are working on. Sweet little sheeps.
    I hope your snow will soon be melting and you will have the first signs of spring.

  3. Love your sheep stitching, great photos looks cold there Lynda .
    Soon be Spring.

  4. Incredible pictures !
    this weather is terrible...and I complain of mine...:)
    I love your new stitching, I stitched all those sheep, they are very cute