Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, January 28,2014

Boy, it was cold out working today, the winds where strong and the temperature -17 and the wind chill was -25. Not a fun day to be outside but someone has to do it. We worked all day and was glad to get home to a warm house. Hopefully tomorrow will be a warmer day. We where lucky last night, the weather had focused rain and then freezing temperatures to turn the rain into ice but we got lucky and the rain stopped before the temperatures dropped to freezing. I hate trying to stand in the middle of the road flagging traffic and you have to watch your steps because your standing on ice the whole time. Let alone the cars going by you are driving on a layer of ice which could perpel them in your direction if they drive to fast and loss control of their cars. That was Monday, lucky no one got stupid with their driving.

Do you guys ever get nights where you can't sleep, no matter what you try, you just stay await all night. I had a night like that last night. I have a little phobia of the dark to start with but some nights it just doesn't let me sleep at all. Maybe tonight I will get some sleep.

I've been knitting a scarf and I love the way the variegated colors look. Would you like to see how it is coming along. I also found a couple of other charts to do besides the sheep. Do a sheep then switch to something else and then do another sheep. Save from getting bored.

I think these should do nicely. The give and care is from freebies from Stoney Creek when you buy a chart you get a different one from November until April. And the Gno-me is a chart that I got from Stoney Creek. It's one of my favorite place to order charts. They always have freebies on Pattern of the month. Got the whole Christmas one of Welcome last year.
This is a table cloth that I did for my oldest daughter Crystal. I liked working on the linen fabric, and the pattern came out great. I fringed all around the out side and I like the way it came out. What do you think?

I did a Joy to the World for Christmas but I need to get about 15 different buttons to put on it before I can make a pillow out of it.

I also did Merry Christmas and did the" M" is red instead of green, I wanted it to stand out more. What do you think? I have not made it into a pillow yet. That will come before Christmas of this year.

Do you gals like to bake, I just love to bake at Christmas, and all year long I look for good recipes to try.
I recently got a Baguette pan with makes to at a time and tried my hand at making some. The first ones where not too bad but the second ones where even better. Even my DH loved them. He likes all my cooking and baking anyway.

Next time I make some I will take a picture and show you how good they looked. Well, I think I have chatted your ears off long enough. Everyone have a great night. Big hugs from me.  Take care and please visit again. Bye for now..


  1. Thanks for sharing your stitching and knitting progress - the new charts look sweet especially the gnome.

    Keep safe in the cold weather.

  2. Wonderful projects! The tablecloth for your daughter is fabulous. Keep warm!

  3. Hello, Lynda! I'm a friend of June's who pointed me to your blog. It's a pleasure to "meet" you. My oldest son spent a lot of time up in New Brunswick (Fredericton) last year working on a wind energy project...he really loved it and all the people he met :)

    I enjoyed seeing all of your projects--really love your LK finish so much!

    Stay warm--we're very cold here in Pennsylvania, too, but not quite that bad :)

  4. Another great post Lynda ,lovely stitching and knitting projects .

    Oh yes I have those sleepless nights I just put the little light on and read untill I fall asleep again .
    Keep warm dear friend