Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday afternoon

I just met a new friend, her name is Maggee and she has been helping me with my blog. I got to add some other bloggers on my blog which is great. I am still working on getting my blog just the way I want it, so there will be some trial and errors until I can figure how it works.
Maggee from has been very helpful.

Boy, the wind sure is blowing strong around my house today, waiting for it to blow away like the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. I'll be little red riding hood. ha ha funny me. It keeps trying to snow off and on all day now. I do hope the winds settle tonight because I'm off to work tomorrow and my DH and I work outside in this weather which means you have to wear lots of warm clothing or else you will freeze. I like the summer better where you don't have to wear as much to stay warm because it's already warm out. We flag for New Brunswick Hydro. We watch the traffic while the NB guys are in the trucks and the boom doing their work on the hydro poles. We travel all over New Brunswick and do enjoy working together. I always tease my DH and say " You never take me for a drive" he laughs and says I'm silly but he can come out with some sayings that I've never heard before and I think he's the silly one.

I just figured out how to make my blog longer with the help of an angel Maggee. You sister bloggers are the best in the world. Love all you guys.

While I will be able to write longer blogs from now on but for now my dryer just called me, so I'm off to fold clothes and check on my turkey breast for supper. Enjoy the rest of you Sunday sisters dear. Love all of you. thanks for making me feel at home in blogland and I will be back on Monday. Biggest hugs ever Lynda Ruth


  1. Hello I found your blog through your sis!

    Glad to hear you got some help with your blog, if you need any more help then just say and I will try my best :)


  2. Welcome to blogland :) I found you through butterfly wings :)

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  4. I've made a screenshot step by step guide for you, you can find it here

    I hope this helps!

  5. Oh my! Keep warm today. It is very cold here today. They have cancelled school for our two teenagers.

    1. what part of the country are you from that they cancelled school for your teenagers. how cold did it get. it was -13 here today and rainy this after. hugs Lynda Ruth

  6. Hi Lynda Ruth, welcome to Blog Land.. read back and saw your lovely stitching.
    Hope the snow stays away for you.
    Chris in UK