Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunny Sunday January 26,2014

Well, girls I'm back today, still trying to arrange my blog, still need some help to put other blogs on the side bar, and still need to figure out how to get more room to write.Can anyone help me, please.

Well, I finished the Faith sheep last night and it looks great, did it on pink, don't want them all on the same colour fabric. I was thinking of doing a quilt of them after I have finished all twelve and it should look nice, if I do all on 14 adia and different backgrounds I will have a good choose of the quilt fabric and colour to do later.
With all kinds of different back colors it should make for a lovely quilt. There are 12 so that should be a nice size lap quilt or hanging on the wall of my sewing room. Are there any others out there doing these charts?
Hugs for today, enjoy the rest of your Sunday  Lynda Ruth


  1. Hello! Welcome to Blogland! Your 'Sis' told me you might need some assistance setting up this blog. I will help you if you like... long distance, but feel free to email me. I think you are only the 2nd stitcher that is thinking of doing a quilt. Look forward to seeing it! Hugs!

  2. I'm stitching the Little Sheep as well - mind you when I say stitching, I'm almost ready to begin sheep number one. I can't decide whether to stitch them individually or together.

  3. This is so sweet. I have this series to stitch at some point too. A quilt sounds a brilliant way of finishing them all.