Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Did you miss me.


This was me a few months ago after I got out of the hospital and back on my feet. I was still using oxygen to get around. As of a couple months back I am only using oxygen at night when I sleep. I am feeling much better but not yet 100%. I have gout in my left toe and it isn't fun. On pills. I have seen my heart doctor, my kidney doctor and my family doctor in the last couple of weeks. All is well. I have had to give numerous blood at the clinic and feel like a pin cushions. All the doctors wanted blood tests. Oh, what fun it is to be sick.   I am just glad to be home and feeling much better. Hubby has retired and is taking good care of me.   Hopefully I will stay healthy and not go back in hospital. I got sick with all that liquid on my lungs and heart because my heart could not pump all the blood thru it at a good rate and it collected in my lungs and heart. I could have died twice but thanks to a very wise doctor he saved me by noticing what was really wrong with me and asked for lung ex rays which showed the liquid building up and they operated right away.

I haven't blogged for awhile because I lost my program for blogging and have not been well. 

Haven't seen a Monarch butterfly in years. Beautiful creatures.

Dave bought me a new bread machine because the old one finally broke. The seal in the bottom of the pan finally broke and the dough was leaking out the bottom. He got me a new one, same model and I have been making bread, bagels and lots of buns.

I have been reading alot because the gout has affected my hands and wrists and it is very hard to stitch right now, but that dose not mean I have quite. I am cololecting charts and floss to do some when my wrists feel better. Soon I will be hack at it,.

I have to stop now because my hands are hurting. time for some pain pills. Do alittle at a time.

Big hugs from me to you from New Brunswick.


  1. Nice to hear from you and glad that you are feeling better and only need the oxygen at night. Things are slowly looking up. Gout is a terrible disease, it is paralyzing and painful. I hope that the medication helps you well and that you at least have a little fun with your hobby.
    Take care, Martina

  2. I am glad that your health is improving Linda. I am sorry you suffer so in pain. I do know what that is like as I have suffered chronic pain for almost two decades. You take care and don't overdo.

  3. Nice to hear from you again and glad you feel better and your health is improving. Take care and enjoy every day.

  4. I'm sorry to hear you weren't doing well, but glad to hear you're on the mend.
    I hope you're able to start stitching soon, but it looks your baking is keeping you busy!

  5. I am so sad you have been ill; I hope you continue on the road to great health. It is good to see a post from you.