Friday, January 11, 2019

I have a question and would really like an answer. Help.

I found a chart on Pinterst and I am working on it, but I need an answer to this question. I will show you two photo's and you tell me which one is right or what is wrong with this chart. Here are the two photo's.

This is a weird one, I know which way I want to stitch it but can you tell me what the devil is wrong here. It is called Wooly Zipper but I find no name of the designer.

Last week was my birthday and we went out for dinner. Hubby got me a cake for dessert to eat at home. Chocolate fudge icing. Very yummy.

Before Christmas hubby came home with a new stove top for me. One of the burners on the old one has not worked for 2 years now, so he got a new one for me. I got to pick it out.  He also brought home a toaster and a new bread machine for me. These where not Christmas gifts, they where gifts just because I said I need to get a new toaster, bread machine and maybe find a place to replace the burner on the old stove top  some day. He went shopping and came home from work with these goodies for us.

 This is the bread machine at work making a loaf of bread. I took the first one back because the booklet said when you make a loaf of bread you wait 15 minutes before it starts to work after you have put your ingredients in the machine and set it for whatever loaf you want and it will start and cook you a loaf of bread. We tried all Boxing Day to get that machine to work. When Canadian Tire opened on the following day I returned that machine and got a replacement. When we tried to get it to work we waited and waited. Then I got a bright idea and set the machine and left it alone and sure enough after 25 minutes it started to work. The booklet is wrong and it should read waiting time is 25 minutes not 15 minutes. It has work great ever since. I don't know if the first one was malfunctioning or we just did not give it time to work, but I now have on that dose work and can sit on the counter and not jump off like the old one did.

 Loaf in the machine cooking. Smells yummy.

 Here is my new toaster and it works great.

As you can see I like steel and black appliances allot.

This is my kitchen from one angle and then from another in the next photo.

My kids sent me flowers for my birthday and I am so disappointed in the roses. I had to go in to the flower shop on Monday to have the roses replaced because they where all dying and now they are doing the same. I did not even have them a week and there on their way out. The carnations are doing fine. I still have 6 from my son's Christmas banquet. I am going to tell my kids just to get me carnations and maybe some daisies to go with carnations. What a disappointment with flowers. That is why I like rose bushes in gardens and not in vases.

My Amaryllis bulb is starting to open and it will be a pretty striped red and white flower.

On December 19, 2018 I won the giveaway on Samplers and Santas and these three chart came in the mail yesterday. I like this series and hope to get all of them.

Well, I am off to get some fish out of the freezer for fish and chips tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend. big hugs to all. I am looking forward to your answers to my question. Bye for now.


  1. My opinion on the pattern is that it printed upside down from the directions. The second picture is how I see the pattern correctly. Nice new appliances....

  2. It looks like it's a Bent Creek design, sold as a kit. It probably shouldn't be on Pinterest. ☹

  3. What wonderful new appliances. I have had a bread machine for years now. I love baking bread. What fabulous charts you were able to purchase thanks to Marly. I agree with Amy. That is a Bent Creek chart. Whoever put that on Pinterest, probably left the name off because it is not supposed to be on Pinterest for free.

  4. I checked as well and could find reference to Bent Creek as well. The second picture would be the correct one. There are finished projects online.

    By the way, lovely new appliances!

  5. I agree with gracie about the chart .
    Lovely new kitchen items ,Roses never last very long but your flowers were beautiful.

  6. I agree with everybody but I think by now you know that lol. That's why I don't really stitch free charts unless it's from the designers blog and they say it's free., or someone gives me a free chart. You never know these days. To me it's also kind of funny because we stitchers do the same thing when we pass the stash don't we? Yes we have the chart but after stitching it ourselves we then pass it on so we're giving someone a free chart. Something people don't think about. So are you going to still stitch it, after what I just said if it was me I probably still would if I really liked the chart, just sayin. Nice kitchen items and have fun stitching your new stash. Thanks again for my gift. Happy stitching!!

    1. I have seen this chart for months now on different pinterest sites, I have thought about it and am stitching it. I am half way done and using my own colours. I usually buy my charts from designers blogs but this one had no designer's name so I asked the question and I have been on Bent Creek but could not find this chart so would pay for it if I had too. I just ask Pinterest for free cross stitch charts and it was one that came up. I did not put it there and I really like this chart. If Bent Creek contacts me and ask for money I would send them money otherwise I am enjoying stitching this chart. Hugs Lynda Ruth