Friday, September 14, 2018

Sunny Days

I love taking photo's and sometimes I take pictures of clouds. We went for a drive on the weekend and I took these. It was a nice warm sunny day.

I found a recipe on Pinterest for making bagels with just two ingredients which where greek yogart and self rising flour. What do you think. Easy to mix up and even easier to make. Mix the yogart and flour, roll our a thick circle and cut into pieces. Form your bagels and rub with egg wash and toppings. Put into oven at 400 for 20 minutes and then you can eat them. Delisious.

 I even used the dough and rolled it out to fit a small pie tin which I filled with a mixture of kidney, onion, grated potato and grated carrot. Add spices to taste and bake in oven for 25 mins.

 Makes a great meal for one person. You know how I love my kidneys.

 My Neighbour Aubrey brought me a cabbage from his garden. He said all of his cabbage are like this one. They all split. Wierd.

 I did finish the dish cloth in blue that I was knitting and made a few more to go with it. the blue one is for me and the rest i will give away.

Speaking of giveaways, I won one from the Cross Stitch Angel and can't wait to see what she will send me. I check the blogs last night before going to bed and found out that I had won. Thank you so much for picking my name. Too generous.

I hope all the folks in the path of hurricane Florence are safe and get to go home soon. My prayers are with all of you. Big hugs.


  1. Thank you for the interesting bagel recipe Lynda Ruth.Have a super weekend!

  2. You can keep the kidney no… but those dishcloths are lovey...good job.

  3. Lybda Ruth: Thank-you for the recipe, I will try this.
    Cabbage split due to either too much rain or very dry conditions.
    I have cabbage and want to make cabbage soup, it is getting cold her, this morning when I walked the dog at 04:00 it was 43 degrees brrrrrr.
    Your dish cloths are lovely.