Sunday, April 15, 2018

It's a Sunny Sunday in April.

I know I haven't been back for awhile. I have a bad back and it has been bothering me for awhile now. I did get to talk to my daughter Carla this morning and she emailed me some more photo's of baby David. He was having belly time this morning.  He has quite a few toys to play with.

 I think in this one he was trying to eat his fingers much have been hunger. Feed me MOM.
 I wish my daughter would not put her hair in a ponytail all the time. She dose has lovely hair.
 He was 5 months old on the 9th of this month. I wish I could hold him, will have to wait.

 I did do alittle stitching on a tea towel. I think it looks like Spring has sprung on the towel.

I planted some tomato plants and they are coming up nicely.

this is the three week and the tomato's are really growing good. 

I planted some strawberry seeds and a couple of apple seeds from an apple I liked and the apple seeds are coming up. The tiny sprouts are the strawberries coming too.

We are having a turkey stew for supper along with an apple pie that's cooking in the oven right now.

I joined Stephaine's tea cup exchange this year, could not last year because of my arm, had to go in hospital when she was having it. This time I am sending a tea cup and a mug. I found two beautiful one's in town this year. I will be sending them out soon and it's funny cause one is going to Ontario to Everett, Ontario and I use to live in Barrie Ontario and I have been to Everett many times and the other gift go to a lady in Boiestown in New Brunswick. I am so happy that I did not have to send overseas this time. I hate having to wait and see how long the postal service over there decides to take to deliver my parcels. I just sent one to England and I hope it dose not take forever to get there. The post office here says it will take a couple of weeks but it always takes twice as long.  I also sent a surprise box to my friend Reba in South Carolina and I was told it would be a week. Lets hope that's all it takes. I hate having to wait forever to have them recieve my gifts. Only time will tell.

Well, my timer just rang for me to get my pie out of the oven so I will go and do that. I thank you for visiting me and hope you all have a lovely Sunday. Big hugs Bye for now.


  1. Those seedlings look very healthy. Nice towel stitching.

  2. Lovely post , what a beautiful baby .
    Hope your back feels better soon.
    Love your stitching to pretty.
    And wow your seeds are doing great , big tomatoes for you this year.
    Have a lovely week hugs .

  3. Baby David is so precious. Your towel is so sweet.

  4. Lovely to get photos of your GS,they grow so fast. Your seedlings are looking great. We grew cherry tomatoes as well as larger ones. The cherry tomatoes were lovely and very prolific. Gave bags and bags of them away and also put some onto a giveaway cart in the middle of our country town.Our cucumbers were prolific as well but the celery was pathetic. Also the beetroot were a non event, don't know what happened. I hope your back improves, pain is so tiring.

  5. Lynda Ruth: Little David is adorable, so sweet looking and happy.
    our tea towel is lovely.
    I have not started my seeds yet soon very soon.


  6. Your grandson is gorgeous, love the stitching on the towel - very pretty - and the pie looks so yum!