Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter Everyone.

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good week. I did some walking on my thread mill. Some days the back is too achy to try walking and I wait for the next day. I did go for grociers on Wednesday and got Dave some Easter candy and a card.  That takes allot out of my back too. We plan on having a turkey for Easter and it is sitting on the counter now defrosting slowly.
I tried my hand at making home made English muffins yesterday and I kind of had to slice them in half to get the inside cooked. You cook them in a pan on the store on medium heat but mine got alittle big so I cooked them awhile and then I  sliced them in half and put them back in the pan to cook the insides. They turned out better good. Dave ate two and enjoyed them.

I really like to try different things in cooking and I plan on trying Crumpets and I want to try Pretzels too.

Dave bought me a new printer for my birthday and Mother's Day so I can print to my heart's content. It has bigger ink wells as you can see at the front. I found these lovely bunnies on Pinterest, that's where I find allot of my charts. I just print up "free cross stitch charts on Pinterest " and charts come up and I can print them.

The first sweater I was knitting did not turn out the way I wanted it too so I have started this one. I like the green colours and hope it will be a better fit. I am making it for a 12 mth. This is the back piece. Started on the front.

I have also been tatting and have two new mofits to show you. This one was alittle tricky in the middle ring but I figured it out and it turned out great, Just don't watch a Nascar race and try and do tatting at the same time. I did have to back out once so the tatting waited until the race was over. 

Remember my plant I got from Walmart before they thru it out. Well, now it is starting to have babies.If you look closely at the left side you will see a red like string and at the end is a baby growing. There are about three right now. This plant is doing great. It loves the kitchen table, just the right amount of light and water.

Well, we have had rain for two days and we still have lots of the white stuff. I can't wait for all this snow to melt and get warmer weather.

Well, that is it for me. I have just put my bread machine to work making dough for buns on Sunday. I made hamburger buns last weekend. I should have my own resturant. Ok.
I do hope that everyone has a great Easter weekend and enjoy all the celebrations you do. Thanks for coming bye. Love and peace to all. Big Hugs.

 I was about to put this online when hubby came back with some flowers for me. He wanted to brighten up my Springtime. What a sweety.

Bye now.


  1. Lynda Ruth: We had turkey today for Easter, I think turkey is for everyday not just Thanksgiving.
    Your sweater color is beautiful, I look forward to seeing the finished design.
    Tatting is one thing I plan on learning someday.
    Your husband is a sweetheart, the flowers are lovely.
    I am so sick of snow and now the weatherman says more to come on Monday - Tuesday ick.


  2. Hope you had a wonderful Easter , I am just catching up it's been another busy week with club last night .
    Love the flowers Dave brought you, Your knitting is coming along great and your cooking always looks yummy .
    Have a good week hugs June.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful. You must show how your crumpets turn out. I have only ever bought shop ones xx