Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sick of cold and snow.

 I want spring and these lovely tulips in my flower garden, hopefully spring is just another week away.

Hubby bought me a new chair because mine was getting old, had it since we moved down here 17 years back. The foot rest was not working properly and I had to fight with it to go down so I could get out of my chair. This chair is electric and I just press a button on the side and it also reclines all the way back so I can lay in it as the second photo shows. Very very comfortable.

This is what  I have been working on these last months and I will be sending it off on Monday to a surprise friend. It took alittle longer to do than I thought it would but I wanted it perfect.

This photo is to let you guys know that these are little pillows. Some of you where wondering what they are.

I am working on this sweater for baby David.  Been on Pinterest and found lots of baby sweaters and pants and stuff.

We had a snow storm again on Friday and it is snowing again today. I wish it would all go away soon.

Atleast hubby got out in his blower to do some snow blowing. His eye is all better and he has his sight back and will be going to work next month. He did manage to miss all the cold snowy weather which he did not mind at all.

See it's snowing again. Bah Humbug.

This is my latest tatting project. I am trying to figure out how to make this like the photo with no written pattern. I am getting good at reading these and counting rings and chains.

 I am doing one in yellow too. The next one is different from the top. It is just rings and chains and it needs some ironing and it will look better but I wanted you to see it.

Well, my shoulder has healed nicely and I can do allot of things now that I wasn't able to for awhile. I still walk on my threadmill in the mornings and Dave has his sight in his eye back so all is good in our little corner of the world. It will be allot better when Spring rolls in. I hope you all have a great Sunday. Bye for now. Big hugs to all.

Monday March 26th, 2018  Lasonga Day.

I just had to add these photo's of Dave helping me make Lasonga for supper tonight. I made the noodles from scratch and put the Lasonga together. What do you think guys. My first attempted and I hope it taste good, will let you know tomorrow.

 Sorry this one is alittle blurry, the next one is better.

 This is some of the homemade lasonga dough left over.

 This is the finished lasonga  before cooking. I got it on a cookie sheet. I hate spills in the oven.
 Bye for now. Will report on how it was tomorrow. hugs


  1. Oh God so much snow! I am glad your shoulder is better though! I love that flower-month booklet you are making, or isn't it a booklet?AriadnefromGreece!

    1. they are not booklets they are separate little pillows.

  2. Hi Lynda Ruth: So happy your shoulder is back to normal, its nice being able to do the things you were limited to I bet.
    I hate snow, we have not had any for almost two weeks, it is suppose to rain tomorrow, maybe it will wash away all the leftover snow.
    Your chair looks comfy.
    Oh my goodness your month of stitching are lovely, I love the color of yarn you are using.
    Beautiful tatting.


  3. Good to read that your shoulder is so much better that you can do lots of things again. And that your husband's eye has healed so well.
    I hope for you that the snow will go away soon. We often have snow in March as well but not these amounts. I also hope for spring to come as soon as possible.
    Wonderful crafting, Lynda.

  4. Sorry about all that cold snow. Your chair looks very comfortable and great tatting my friend. Three cheers for hubby's eye healing and glad he did miss working in the snow. Great yarn project.

  5. Not more snow , I know how you are feeling . We want SPRING .
    Love your chair I would be asleep in it very easy ha.
    Love all your stitching and tatting ,
    Enjoy your week hugs.

  6. The tatting looks so beautiful and love your new chair. So glad your shoulder has healed well and that you are free from the continuous pain from it. Your stitching looks really great.