Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dishwasher trouble

I like things in order and I hate change. My dishwasher has been acting up for the last couple of months now and finally last Wednesday I had enough of it not cleaning my dishes and make enough noise you think it was blasting off to out space. So I picked up the telephone book and looked up service repair on dishwashers and the first name I came across was Crawford Services. I called and this very nice gentleman named Ron answered.  I told him the problem and he said he could come right over. How nice. He came at 1:30 p.m. and started right in taking the washer apart. We only had a hiccup when  he put the washer back together, it seems a part at the top of the washer arm had worn away and he had to go to town to get it. He came back just after my husband came home from work. I did not tell Dave I was getting the dishwasher fixed. He had said he would look around for a new one. That's the part about change I was talking about. I did not want to get a new washer and have to learn how to use it. Besides they cost too much MONEY. I got mine fixed for $250.00 as a new one starts at $899.00. I rather pay alittle than allot and besides the new ones don't last as long. I have had this one since 2000 and it still works.

So now when I put a load of dishes into her she cleans and is so quite you forget it's on cleaning. It got to the point that you could not hear the tv in the other room for the noise.

I repotted my tomato plants and they are doing great. The strawberry plants are very slow growing.

 I joined Stephaine's teacup and mug exchange this time round and recieved a lot of goodies from my  partner in Albert. She spoiled me with all these goodies. I have another partner for a tea cup and she sent from the Yukon. Just waiting for her box of goodies to arrive. I don't know how long it takes to come from the Yukon. The two ladies I sent to are in Ontario and New Brunswick. I sent off their boxes and they should be getting them next week.

Isn't this a lovely mug, I really love it and all the other goodies. From pot holders, muffin mixes, tea towel, necklace, tea and cookies, hand lotion, tea and coffee and baking cups for muffins, flowered napkins, and lovely blue wool and pattern to make a bath mitt. I am so greatful for all these gifts. Thank you Marina, you are very generous.

This mug is so lovely, just what I like. Flowers and blueberrry pie. Big Hugs Marina.

Carla sent me some photo's of her in the hospital after she had little David. I thought you might like to see them.

These last two are of David now. He will be 6 months old on May 9th, and Carla is hoping to come down in August to visit us. I hope she can make it. I don't think my back could take a long car ride to Orillia, Ontario at this point in time. It's really all I can do to go to town for grocies and come home. My back hurts so bad even wearing my back brace it still dosen't help much.

Thanks for dropping bye to visit. Next time I will show some stitching. Big hugs for now.


  1. Sorry you had trouble with your dish washer .
    What a lovely mug and exchange .
    Oh what a sweetie ,you must be a very proud GM hugs.

  2. David is growing quickly and so cute. I have not used my dishwasher since moving in here (2005) and it will need replacing if I wanted to use it. Just me now so there is really not many dishes used at a meal. Pretty mug exchange.

  3. LyndaRuth: Baby David is so cute.
    So sorry your dishwaher pooped out, but having it fixed is a lot less expensive then buying a new one.
    That Tea Cup is beautiful.