Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's getting close to Christmas.

I can't believe a short month ago we had this on our trees and now we have snow on them.
What happened to fall. I like fall better not snow storms and snow in general.
I have sent out parcels to friends and will send Christmas cards to my kids in Ontario with gift cards inside because the postage is getting really high now.

We got my new car all fixed up with new winter tires and some other miner fixings that was needed but still came out in the end with a really good inexpensive car. I am thrilled that we don't have to use our Camero in the winter for me to go to the doctor or hospital. I haven't had my own car for about 16 years on but I do drive the other cars so just having a personal car is great.

Hope all of you are having a good week. hugs Lynda Ruth


  1. Oh that snow looks just too cold for me!

  2. Hi Lynda...we don't have any snow at all ....I really am anxious to be closer to have this really...I love the snow...
    your pics were great.. Merry Christmas sweet lady

  3. Lovely snow, here it has gone very mild after a cold spell .
    I would lik a little snow because it looks so pretty . Enjoy your week.