Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First Snow fall of Winter

It would have to come on the last day of November. We got allot of wet snow over night and had no power this morning. We where suppose to just get an inch or two but ended up with a foot of the wet stuff. No power, a ton of snow in the driveway and the road was not plowed out. No going to work today. Dave has been out since 7:30 this morning trying to get the snow plowed from the driveway. It is now quarter to 12 noon and the plow just went down the road. Filled in the bottom of the driveway so Dave had to go down and clean that again. The power has been going off all morning, comes on and then off again. Hopefully I can do this before it goes off again. I have some photo's to show you. First off, this one if of the seeds I planted and I have two growing now.

Now for the photo's of this morning.
 I still say it's a good thing we got this tractor when we did. I think we got a whole winter's worth of snow in one go.

It's noon now and Dave just got in from plowing. His clothes are wet so I will wash them all. He had on his work clothes and he is not wearing them like that tomorrow. I will talk to you all later. have a great day.


  1. OH Sis thats allot of snow .
    We have had very cold weather here and a very bad frost .
    I did get out last night for my first Christmas dinner .
    Tell Dave you could build the very first snowman ha.

  2. Oh poor Dave. It sure does look beautiful though. Keep warm tomorrow at work you two.

  3. It really does look beautiful but I guess you are really over it. Don't have that here where I live. It would be brilliant to have a Winter Christmas.It's warming up here in N.Z.Yes hope you built a snowman as June suggested:)

  4. ohhh again, beautiful but not when you spend hours cleaning it up...hard to believe that all came at once...x

  5. Ruth we may need a tractor like this...what is this looks quite amazing