Monday, October 10, 2016

Time to catch up.

Well It's fall time again, all the trees changing their leaves.  I just love fall. Instead of blooming flowers we have leaves blooming lovely colours.

 I joined a tea cup exchange and my wonderful partner from Ontario, Judith from Lavender Cottage sent me these lovely gifts including the red box. I love the Christmas theme and my partner was from Ontario where I lived before and I know where Innisfil is. My partner that I sent to lives in Ontario too. Can't show hers because I don't know if she received hers yet.

Do you see the big roaster pan behind my gifts. I got it at Walmart last week for a stupid low price of $39.99 and it can roast a turkey and baste it as it roasts. We tried it out for Sunday's turkey and boy, oh boy dose it roast great. Leaves the oven open for doing other stuff like making an apple pie to go with dinner. My hubby loves apple pies.

 This is a closer look at in and the turkey that got cooked.

So tender and delisious, and lots of juices for making soup or gravy.

 I am making some dish clothes for friends. Micheal's had a great deal on last week for this wool. 4 for $5.00 so I got lots.
I have a new hobby which is polishing rocks to make jewellery. There is a saw under the purple towel to cut rocks. This is going to be what I do when I retire in the middle of January 2017. I have had enough working and I need an operation on my left shoulder. The one bone is full of arthtitis which is eating away at one of my bones in my shoulder and it needs to be replaced. It is hard to stitch so I knit which my left hand dose not move a whole lot. It is very painful and aches all the time especially when it is rainy which is today and the cold weather which will be here soon, so after 10 years working as a flagger I am done. Dave is happy that I am finishing too. He will be done in 2 1/2 years when his flagging ticket runs out like mine is doing in March of next year but I am done sooner.

Thanks for coming to visit and I hope everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving is having a great day, and I pray for all the people who have been affected by hurricane Matthew are safe and well.

Bye for now Lynda


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!I am glad you will retire soon but sorry you are going to have an operation!Keep well!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Hello Sis, we are back .
    What beautiful trees . Love your tea exchange and your knitted dish cloths I use mine all the time.
    I am happy that you will be able to do more hobbies after you retire .
    It feels cold here already , I came back now it's thick jumpers .
    Happy Thanks giving to you and Dave hugs.

  3. Well Happy Thanksgiving to you Linda Ruth!
    So glad retirement is coming right up for you.

  4. Hi Lynda Ruth, lovely post. You will be looking forward to that day when you retire. I am very happy in retirement other than the fact that obviously I'm getting older but gosh I'm always making or doing things. It is spring here now and the last 2 days have been brilliant. Short sleeve tops, no heating required, love it. Have just finished a batch of baking and will do some sewing or knitting this pm. Your DH will miss you working beside him. Not very nice the pain that you must be having with your shoulder. It affects so much. Lovely photos of your great gift exchange and the trees changing colour. Take care and look forward to seeing your next entry.

  5. What lovely gifts you have received for the exchange!
    Sorry to read about your health issues but with retirement in sight, you will have plenty of time to take it easy and free time to focus on your craft!

  6. These snippets look so cozy and pretty ♥

  7. Wonderful exchange gifts. The roaster looks pretty good. So, retiring and a new hobby, good for you. Looking forward to seeing the new hobby creations.