Monday, August 1, 2016

Road Trip

Hello everyone, I am back with some pictures of our trip to St. Andrew's Aquarium on Saturday. Since today is New Brunswick day, it is no work for anyone so I thought I would show some pictures of our trip and lots of animals. We even got to play with some. It's a two hour drive to St. Andrew's and you have to go thru some very interesting country side.  Lots of trees on either side of the roads and some roads where cut thru rock.

 Alot of bikers where out on Saturday. It was a great day.

 This fish was outside the Aquarium, pretty big right. Wait until you get inside and see more.

 Here's Dave going in after we ate lunch in the car.
 This is the inside of the building from behind the counter.
 how do you like this fish tank and look at the fish. Big ones.
 Here is a man who love his job of playing with the fish all day. Lots of Skates in here, which are like little mantas only they don't have barbs and they where all girls and they loved their bellies rubbed.

 See all the starfish in this tank. You could pick them up.

 Here is my arm, Dave took me tickling this little girl.  See the blue fish just above my writing.
 This is the top of the same Skate I was playing with.
 If you look closer you can see the baby lobster under this rock.
 This box has sand dollars and a star fish with only 4 arms but it will grow back.
 Now we went down stairs and this is a tank full of fish. Anyone hungry.
 How's this for a big fish, I could not get him all in the picture.
 Some lobster's can grow very big. The jars have baby whale, sea crab, lobster and a couple of others I don't know what.
 Very big Salmon.

 Two pictures of the Skates swimming upside down. Do you see the orange lobster under this Skate at the bottom of the tank. There was a blue one and a couple of other different coloured ones. They even had a white one in a back room. But you could not go and see it unless you paid an extra $10.00 to feed the fishes. I wasn't interested in seeing a white one.
 Anyone like sea horses.
 A rock fish. Ugly.
 Sea urhans.
 What do you think of these sleeping Harbour Seals.

This is main street in St. Andrew's not much room to drive thru.
 Isn't this a lovely arch of trees.
 A water tower outside of town. Love the paint job.
 And when we went back thru Saint John this liner The Carnival Sunshine was docked at the dock.
I do hope you all enjoyed the picture show from the Aquarium. It was allot of fun and we had a good time.
I finally got to ride my bike today, it is now all set up so I can ride it whenever I want too. Dave helped me set up the gears and the seat was way to high. I could not put my feet on the ground when I sat on the seat. It is now lowered for me to be able to reach the ground with my feet. And I have not forgotten how to ride a bike either. Now just a matter of time. We did not have allot this pass week. There is so much construction going on in town and it is getting harder for us and NB Power to get near the poles we need to work on with all this consrtuction on the roads.
Well, enough for now. I have been trying to find some time for stitching but after long hot days, it's way to much to make supper and relax. I do sleep good.

Thank you all new followers and my regular followers who visit my blog. I do hope you enjoyed our trip. I will be back later to show you some of the stitching I have been doing but now I have to go stuff a small chicken and wait for hubby to finish cutting the lawn. We plan to take a small drive to cool off. It is still warm here with temps in the 30's. Hugs for now.


  1. Great photos , thanks for sharing . Looks like you and Dave had a great day.
    That busy road looks like most of our roads here ha. Big hugs.

  2. Great trip....felt like I was there with you and Dave. Thank you for sharing your day.

  3. Looks like the perfect trip - very fun, interesting and entertaining. Thanks for the post!!