Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Unexpected Snow.

Look what we drove into when we went to work this morning in Shediac. It was snowing and yak.

Anyone for making a snow man.

We worked all day and when we got back to Moncton they had no snow. Just alittle up North. It is suppose to be 3 on Wednesday so it will all met away.

I got myself a couple of new plants hopefully these two will grow.
I will show you what I have been stitching.

 This is the summer flob. I have to stitch Summer at the top.

 This is out of the new Christmas Stoney Creek book, I will make a pillow out of this fabric as the backing.

 Got this one half way.

Making a little tea bag with this one. June sent me the yellow adia cloth.

And last pictures are of my two cats.

Hope you all have a nice evening. I have been praying for the people of Paris. I hope this week gets better for them. My heart goes out to all who lose love ones and all who lost their lives.  If I could have a wish it would be to see all the terrible people in the world disappear and never come back.

Stay safe my friends. Big hugs. Thanks for dropping bye to visit my blog.

On a good note this is what is for supper to night. Doesn't this look yummy.

I guess I should tell everyone that it is Lasagna in the oven and it is delisious. Having some more tonight. hugs


  1. Yuck with the snow already! Dinner looks good! What is it?
    You have many projects going! Love the friendship one very much.

  2. LyndaRuth: We have not had snow as of yet up north there was snow a couple of weeks ago but melted as soon as it came to the ground.
    Love your scissor fob Sunflowers are so cheery, that tree is adorable, is that a new Stoney Creek book?
    The Friendship stitch is adorable, love the Tea stitch, the fabric is so bright.
    Your babies are so sweet, hmmmm I can almost smell dinner.


  3. Oh no winter is on it's way, I don't like winter .
    Love all your stitching so pretty , and your meal looks yummy.

    I am afraid there is more trouble in Paris today , my heart goes out to them.Take care big hugs.

  4. Oh la la! Your meal looks appetizing! What is it?
    Great stitching & nooooo, no snow!!!

  5. Beautiful stitching! Can't wait to see all your finishes. Stay safe with all that snow!