Sunday, November 1, 2015

November already, where has the year gone.

Don't you just love the colours of the trees in the top photo of the church. I thought it would be a great photo to take especially with our red car in front of the trees and church.

This what some of New Brunswick looks like when it is Autumn in the woods. No sign of any deer, they say we lost between 20 to 30 percent of the deer population last winter. I can believe that with all the snow we had they would have had a harder time finding food and moving around in the bush.

 Maria sent me alittle gift for sending her her halloween exchange gift. That was so nice of her to do. I really like all the treasures she sent.

 How do you like my autumn stitch. I will do the rest in there seasons so winter is next in line.
 My first fob from charts below.
 I got myself four new charts to do and have done one small fob from the Spring one. I plan to do all fobs first then do the charts second.

 I got these two Bromeliad's plants at Sobey's in Shediac the other day. They where on sale for half the regular price so I got both for $10.00, all they need is water and tlc which I have lots of to give.
I have a rose on my indoor plant. 
 How do you like my indoor plants, my Norfork Pine is growing much better since I brought it downstairs. It likes this front window allot better.
My hubby covered my strawberry plants with this to keep them safe and warm during the winter, I hope they stay safe and warm and I will have plenty of berries next summer long. These are the type that produce all summer. They started as 12 plants and now have covered the whole box hubby made for them. The tripled in numbers.

We did not have any kids for Halloween, I think they have all grown up since we have been here 15 years now. It was okay, because our cats don't like any strangers coming to the door.  Hope you all had a good Halloween and please don't eat too much candy.
Thanks to all my followers for coming and please stay safe and enjoy life. Big hugs to  Lynda Ruth.


  1. Love the trees and your car looks fab , what a great picture.
    Love your gift and your new stash , beautiful stitching too.
    Have a lovely Sunday hugs Sis.

  2. So beautiful charts!Will be looking forward to seeing them stitched!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Yes, your fall pictures are great Lynda! What fun seasonal stitching you have now.

  4. Great gift & love your new stash!

  5. The tree colors are breathtaking. Love your stash, stitching and what lovely, thoughtful gifts.

  6. Your header photo is great. Wonderful colours. Lovely gift to receive. The seasons stitchery look lovely, look forward to seeing them all done. I haven't seen those before.